October 1:  It is humbling and inspiring to hear reports worldwide of human rights defenders dedicating their lives to advocate for freedom and justice. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, pray for those, often from persecuted religious communities, who are ensuring food/medical supplies reach those most in need.

October 2:  Many persecuted Christians worldwide are risking their lives to provide food and medical supplies to people affected by the pandemic. Pray for protection from the virus, as well as from violence.

October 3:  As countries around the world work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, CSW is working to ensure that religious freedom is also protected. Pray authoritarian governments do not exploit the pandemic to consolidate their power even further or to legitimize crackdowns on targeted faith communities.

October 4:  Pray that official restrictions on religious freedom worldwide would not be used to discriminate against Christian communities, and that they are lifted as soon as possible. The pandemic has caused a rise in existing religious intolerance in many countries.

October 5:  Pray God empowers the UN Human Rights Council to hold governments accountable for any abuses of human rights during the pandemic and beyond.

October 6:  Pray for CSW’s Public Affairs Team as it works with country advocates worldwide to provide policymakers with information they need to address religious freedom violations during the pandemic.

October 7:  Covid-19 knows no race, religion or social class. Praise God, the Church is alive and active during this global crisis. Churches and communities under threat of persecution or violence are choosing to show love to their neighbors. Pray these acts of kindness build strong bridges between faith communities.

October 8:  Lord, we pray for the nation of Indonesia. Guide President Joko Widodo and all leaders to act quickly against attacks on churches. Pray for peace and harmony between religious communities.

October 9:  Dear God, grant wisdom to Indonesia’s leaders, that they would rule justly and protect the religious rights of all their citizens. We pray for religious harmony and peace in this multi-religious country.

October 10:  Pray for Catholic dioceses in Indonesia, providing food, hygiene supplies and protective equipment to the most marginalized in society during the pandemic, as well as regularly disinfecting schools and houses.

October 11:  Pray for CSW advocates working for religious freedom in Indonesia.  Pray they are able to be a force for justice and truth as they continue supporting Christians there.

October 12:  Please pray for Christians in Indonesia to be strong in a growing atmosphere of intimidation and violence. Pray for believers to have courage and protection despite the hostility around them.

October 13:  Dear God, we lift up men, women and children in Indonesia who are suffering persecution, torture and violence for their belief in Jesus.  Please strengthen and protect them to bring glory to You.

October 14:  Pray for CSW’s advocacy team working for religious freedom on the frontlines in Indonesia, and speaking up for Christians persecuted for their faith.

October 15:  Please pray for the nation of Chile. Though human rights are generally protected, there have been many attacks on churches, mainly in the La Araucanía and Bio Bio regions.

October 16:  Initially, the Chilean government was reluctant to recognize churches were being targeted but have since publicly recognized the attacks constitute an attack on religious freedom. Pray for justice in the search and capture of the culprits.

October 17:  Since 2015, there have been at least 44 organized arson attacks recorded against many religious buildings in various regions of Chile. Pray for Christians whose churches have been destroyed to find safe places to worship.

October 18:  Pray for safety of Christians in Chile as arson incidents continue.  Pray God provides CSW the resources to make our work most effective to help where needed.

October 19:  The church attacks in Chile have sown fear among Christians, with many congregations worried their church may be targeted. Pray for God’s protection over the churches, and for courage and peace for His children.

October 20:  Pray the Chilean government proactively identifies churches at risk for arson attacks, and provides protection and reconstruction assistance to destroyed churches.

October 21:  Pray Chilean government ensures Christians are not victims of discrimination because of their faith. Pray authorities engage with religious leaders to improve religious freedom.

October 22:  Many protests in Santiago de Chile led to lootings and attacks on churches in 2019. Pews and materials were burned, and slogans were put on walls, such as "The only church that enlightens is the one that burns." Pray security forces protect churches receiving threats of attack.

October 23:  Pray government in Chile increases investigations into the attacks on churches and other religious buildings, and ensures that perpetrators are arrested and brought to justice.

October 24:  Dear God, watch over Your Church in Chile that is living under fear of further violence. Protect Your children and bring those guilty of all church arson attacks to justice.

October 25:  God reigns over the nations and is seated on His holy throne, holding all nations in His hands. Pray for Christian politicians worldwide to work together for good, despite political differences.

October 26:  Almighty God, You are above all rulers and nations. Instill wisdom, truth and justice in the hearts of all those in positions of authority. Move by Your Holy Spirit to convict governments and leaders to act justly and love mercy, not seeking their own desires and ambitions, but serving for the good of their citizens.

October 27:  Today is International Religious Freedom Day. Pray those with power and influence would use their positions to ensure no one faces religious persecution. Freedom of religion is one of the most widely violated human rights in the world.

October 28:  Pray for religious freedom in the United States, which seems to be coming under increasing attack in some parts of the country. Pray for the rebuilding of lives and communities which have been shattered by violence.

October 29:  It is very possible that many of the liberties and freedoms in the United States could soon be at risk of being taken from us. Dear God, hear our prayer for mercy and strength to turn from wicked ways and that You would heal our land.

October 30:  Almighty God, we pray for Your Church in the US.  Please empower and unite Your Church to be a mighty voice for Your glory in the upcoming General Election. We pray for the protection of religious freedom in the United States.

October 31:  Lord, we lift the US General Election into Your loving hands and perfect care.  Have mercy upon this great nation as we pray for the healing of our land by the power of Your Holy Spirit.


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