MARCH 2021


March 1:  Please pray for the nation of Burma.  Pray for the people, government and democracy movement following the military coup in February. Dear God, bring peace and stability in Burma.

March 2:  The Burmese military arrested Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto head of government, and other key government figures and civilian leaders. Pray they are all released unconditionally.

March 3:  Benedict Rogers, CSW’s Senior Analyst for East Asia, is concerned about implications of recent events for religious freedom in Burma. Pray for the safety of CSW partners in Burma, some of whom were arrested.

March 4:  The recent devastating events are a desperate step backward for Burma. If the military reverts back to political repression, Burma will return to the isolation from which it recently emerged. Pray for safety of Christians during this time of upheaval.

March 5:  Burma had made enormous strides in recent years. The 2020 election was only the country’s second democratic election after 50 years of direct military rule. Pray God makes a way for a just, free and equal society.

March 6:  The Burmese military has a long history of weaponizing religious nationalism and repressing religious freedom. Pray for the safety of Christians in Burma who are regularly targeted.

March 7:  The Burmese Army, known as the Tatmadaw, is responsible for many human rights violations targeting religious and ethnic minorities for decades. Pray for safety, provision and strength for Chin and Kachin Christians attacked by military.

March 8:  Burma has seen decades of turmoil and a dramatic rise in religious intolerance. Pray the Burmese government and religious leaders work together to protect religious freedom and promote religious harmony.

March 9:  Lord, give wisdom to Burmese leaders, as they face the challenging task of governing their conflict-torn country. We pray recent upheaval eventually results in positive changes to Burma’s system of government for all its citizens.

March 10:  Burma had made such great strides in recent years. God, You are committed to righteousness and justice. Bring about a change of heart for the Burmese government and military to work for peace and tolerance.

March 11:  Pray for an end to the violence and military attacks that have scarred Burma for decades. Though the challenges facing Burma seem enormous, God is bigger still, and the battle is God’s.

March 12:  Dear God, we lift up the nation of Cuba. We pray for all those in positions of power to be given hearts for justice and compassion toward their citizens.

March 13:  Pray for courage and boldness for religious leaders and human rights defenders in Cuba. Pray for protection from government intimidation and harassment.

March 14:  Pray for church leaders and human rights defenders in Cuba facing government harassment and arbitrary detention after the approval of a new constitution that further weakens protections for freedom of religion or belief.

March 15:  Amidst worsening persecution, there is growing unity among churches in Cuba. In 2019, seven Protestant denominations launched a new Cuban Alliance of Evangelical Churches. Pray for continued unity and safety for the Church in Cuba.

March 16:  Dear God, empower religious communities in Cuba which are being denied their right to practice their faith. Protect and sustain them with courage to resist the government’s measures to limit their religious freedom.

March 17:  The Cuban government continues to abuse religious freedom by intimidating church leaders, expropriating church buildings, arresting human rights defenders, and harassing the children of religious leaders. Pray for Christians displaying immense courage, refusing to be intimidated into giving up their faith.

March 18:  Pray for courage, hope and renewed faith for Pastors in Cuba who are routinely monitored and detained without reason, and who witness the destruction of their churches and homes.

March 19:  Pray for Christians in Cuba who are passed over for promotion and children bullied by their fellow pupils and teachers because of their faith. Lord, give them fortitude and encouragement.

March 20:  Pray for strength and perseverance for Christians in Cuba who feed the hungry, help the sick and support the elderly and vulnerable. In doing so, they arouse the suspicion of the authorities.

March 21:  Pray for the Church in Cuba. During the pandemic, accusations of hoarding have been used by Cuban authorities to target religious leaders, many of whom have played important roles in providing resources for their communities.

March 22:  Pray for believers in Cuba who hold onto their faith despite the challenges they face.  Pray for strong unity between different denominations in the Church in Cuba.

March 23:  Loving God, comfort Your children in Cuba who are imprisoned for their faith. Give them Your hope and strength to carry on, even in their desperation. We pray You would hear their cries and dry their tears.

March 24:  Lord, bring an end to the persecution of Your Church in Cuba.  Enable Christians to worship and speak about You in full freedom without fear of persecution.

March 25:  CSW calls on the international community to urge Cuba to uphold its obligations under international law, especially in regard to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Pray God works in powerful ways to bring about religious freedom.

March 26:  Almighty God, protect Your persecuted children all over the world.  Open the eyes of those in authority to the injustices being committed and reveal Your Truth into their hearts.

March 27:  Please pray for persecuted Christians worldwide living in dark, lonely places who feel they have been forgotten. May they know God's loving presence and have His assurance that they are not forgotten or abandoned.

March 28:  Pray for Christian leaders worldwide to establish trusting relationships in countries where many divisions stem from mistrust. Pray for safety of believers working in dangerous circumstances.

March 29:  Dear God, we pray for courage and safety for persecuted Christians who stand firm in their faith despite violent opposition.  Shelter them under Your wing and guide them with Your wisdom.

March 30:  Pray for believers who have lost loved ones, homes and/or material possessions because of religiously-motivated violence. Pray for protection upon those who work for justice, often in the face of intense opposition.

March 31:  Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ to be strengthened by the transforming, healing power of Jesus. Where there is oppression bring freedom and where there is despair let there be hope.


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