September 1: Dear God, we lift the nation of Pakistan to You. Watch over human rights defenders, risking their lives daily to improve life for minorities. Provide safety, wisdom, courage and resources for their work.

September 2: The education system in Pakistan promotes mistrust and prejudice between faith groups from an early age, through biased textbooks and psychological and physical abuse. Pray crucial reforms are enacted to make textbooks fair and unbiased so education promotes respect and understanding.

September 3: Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are frequently used to punish religious minorities. The vague definition of "blasphemy" is ideal ammunition for settling personal scores or business disputes. Pray these laws are amended and eventually repealed.

September 4: Pray the government of Pakistan strengthens protections for religious minorities, as directed in a Supreme Court judgment from 2014, which is still not implemented. It guarantees the right to freedom of religion within the framework of international human rights law.

September 5: Pray for safety of Asia Noreen, also known as Asia Bibi, and her family following the recent dismissal of blasphemy charges against her. She is a Christian mother of five, falsely accused of blasphemy in 2009 and put on death row in Pakistan since 2010. Her acquittal prompted widespread protests in Pakistan.

September 6: The Pakistani government faces continual pressure from religious hardliners. Pray it will uphold the rights of religious minorities, as well as take bold steps to amend the blasphemy laws and promote a tolerant society.

September 7: Almighty God, we lift up the nation of Pakistan into Your hands and pray for Your hope, light and truth to spread through the land. We pray for the grip of extremist forces to be loosened so peace can come to the Pakistani people.

September 8: Lord God, we pray for the nation of Egypt. Rise up righteous leaders in Egypt who will govern justly; establishing and upholding equal justice for all.

September 9: Please pray for the youth of Egypt as they pioneer new ideas and influence society. Lord, we pray Your will be done in their desire and fight for freedom, equality and democracy.

September 10: Under President Sisi there have been some advances in the enjoyment of freedom of religion or belief for the Christian community. Pray religious freedom in Egypt will be increasingly reflected in legislation and attitudes.

September 11: Today is New Year's Day in Egypt.  Egypt has seen a progressive deterioration in human rights since the 2011 Revolution. Pray the international community would press for human rights improvements in this new year.

September 12: Religious faith is often tied to national identity in Egypt, meaning that those who aren’t Sunni Muslims are often seen as "un-Egyptian." Pray that this attitude would change.

September 13: Pray for an end to discriminatory and restrictive policies in Egypt, including state-sponsored religious initiatives, which discriminate against Christians. Pray equality would be reality for all Egyptians, regardless of their religious beliefs.

September 14: Dear God, we lift up to You the nation of Egypt, which continues to struggle with political and religious turmoil. We pray Egyptian government leaders have wisdom to invest in civic education to promote a more inclusive and tolerant society for religious freedom.

September 15: Almighty God, give Your children courage to stand strong against violence, persecution and harassment. Help them to lay their fears at Your feet.

September 16: Please pray all governments worldwide work to address human rights issues that so often lead to religious freedom violations.

September 17: Pray for persecuted Christians around the world who have endured the loss of family members, and those who have been injured or disabled during violence. Dear God, please heal the emotional and physical wounds, and provide for those who are left without breadwinners, or who can no longer work due to disability.

September 18: Pray for believers facing persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ, particularly pastors. Dear God, please give them Your divine comfort, protection and guidance. Embolden their calling and give them Your power to accomplish Your work.

September 19: Loving God, grant Your persecuted children an attitude of forgiveness toward those who oppress them.  May they have strength and faith to bless and pray for those who persecute them.

September 20: Pray for peace in countries around the world experiencing war and conflict. Dear God, we pray that more bridges will be built across different faith communities with the aim of restoring peace and hope.

September 21: Today is International Day of Peace. Christian persecution is at historic highs around the world. Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, we cry out to You on behalf of all persecuted believers who are constantly fearing for their lives. Bring them peace and give them hope for a peaceful future.

September 22: "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Pray that all those affected by religiously-motivated violence would be reminded of this profound truth. Lord, send Your Spirit of peace upon them.

September 23: Please pray for the nation of Mexico. Religious freedom violations are rising across Mexico, ranging from school exclusion, to violence and forced displacement.

September 24: Mexico’s new government took office in 2018. Pray newly elected officials act with integrity and wisdom to uphold the country’s constitution to ensure justice for all citizens regardless of their religion or belief.

September 25: Pray for Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Pray he continues his commitments to peace and unity, as well as religious freedom for all Mexicans.

September 26: Pray for Jorge Lee Galindo, Mexico’s new Federal Adjunct Director General of Religious Associations. For many years, CSW has partnered with Jorge and Impulso 18, the organization he founded that responds to freedom of religion or belief violations in Mexico.

September 27: Christians in rural regions of Mexico have their water and power cut off, are forced from their homes and/or threatened with violence if they don't convert to the majority religion. Children are excluded from school if they or their parents are Christians. Pray for strength and safety for those facing intimidation for their faith.

September 28: Ask God to change the hearts of local leaders in Mexico who seek to impose one religion on their community and persecute those of other faiths.

September 29:  Lord God, we pray for peace over Your children who've been displaced from their homes and communities in Mexico because of their faith. We pray they are able to return to their homes and school without fear.

September 30:  Lord, we lift the nation of Mexico to You. Protect Christians targeted for their faith, whether church leaders carrying out their pastoral duties or those pressured to change their religion. Grant them courage, endurance and justice.


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