November 1: Pray God empowers and encourages His worldwide Church, especially where it faces harassment, discrimination and persecution. Thank God for the power of prayer to change seemingly hopeless situations.

November 2: Dear Lord, You intend for Your Church to be a place of shelter and safety. Embolden Your Church to show Your love to the world through practical action. Help Your Church to stand united.

November 3: Pray all Christians displaced by violence can safely return to their homes and rebuild their lives. Thank God for the worldwide Church, united in prayer.

November 4: Today is the U.S. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. CSW is joining churches worldwide in prayer for religious freedom. We stand as one church family with all those who are suffering for their faith.

November 5: CSW works with other organizations that support persecuted Christians. Ask God to bless and honor all efforts for religious freedom and justice.

November 6: Dear God, Your Church prays as one for persecuted Christians, united by Your love. We pray You will grant courage and safety to Your suffering children. Give them guidance when their path seems impossible to tread.

November 7: More Christians have died for their faith in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined. Pray for all those facing persecution for their faith in Jesus that they would have hope for a future with freedom to worship without fear.

November 8: Lord, we pray for the nation of Nigeria. May Your peace cover this troubled land, bringing healing and spiritual revival through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

November 9: Please pray the Nigerian government takes effective action to stop violence against Christians, and protects all vulnerable communities, regardless of their religion or belief.

November 10: Since 2015, religious freedom in Nigeria has deteriorated significantly. Christians in Shari’a states report unrelenting cycles of violent attacks on them. Pray God stops the attacks and brings restoration and healing to all communities affected.

November 11: The lack of effective government response to violence has fueled impunity, facilitating the spread of militia violence into southern Nigeria. Pray perpetrators of violent attacks are held accountable so culture of impunity ends.

November 12: The international community needs to understand the extent of Christian persecution in Nigeria and the need for legal redress so terrorists will not triumph. Dear God, answer the cry of Your children in the North and Middle Belt of Nigeria, where the Church is being crushed.

November 13: Christians in Northern Nigeria and the Middle Belt are suffering unimaginable hardship at the hands of Muslim fundamentalists, Boko Haram terrorists and Muslim Fulani herdsmen forces. Pray God would be their refuge and protection.

November 14: Lord, we lift Christians in the North and Middle Belt of Nigeria to You. Grant protection and strength to Your suffering children. Move powerfully in the hearts of government officials, convicting them of injustice and atrocities.

November 15: Please pray for peace in Syria. The Syrian people are trapped between two killing machines: the dictator regime and extremist groups. Pray for the Holy Spirit to cover the nation of Syria with peace and freedom.

November 16: Pray for the powerful combination of international action and God's transformational power to bring hope and peace to Syria. Pray for wisdom and guidance in difficult situations where change seems impossible.

November 17: Pray the perpetrators of sectarian violence in Syria would stop committing violent acts. Lift to God the Syrian Christians who've fled their country in fear for their lives.

November 18: Pray extremist forces in Syria are defeated and peace with justice would reign in this war-torn nation. Dear Lord, bring comfort and healing to the families of victims.

November 19: Please pray warring factions in Syria would embrace reconciliation. Pray for peace among those with different religious beliefs. Lord, we pray for the power of Your Holy Spirit to sweep over Syria.

November 20: Almighty God, we pray for the emergence of a just Syrian government to unite the country and uphold the rights of Syrians of all faiths and ethnicities. Protect Your children under the shelter of Your wing.

November 21: Pray for the Church in Syria to reveal Christ, who is the only hope for the nation of Syria. Pray for the faith of Syrian Christians to be emboldened, so the love of God will be witnessed through them.

November 22: Praise God on this day of Thanksgiving. Thank You Lord, for Your provision and constant, loving care. We lift our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ into Your strong, sheltering arms.

November 23: Give thanks for church leaders around the world, speaking up for religious freedom. Pray God emboldens and protects them as they fight for justice, often at great risk.

November 24: Almighty God, we thank You for Your gifts of love, wisdom and faith to church leaders around the world who are leading their churches in the face of persecution.

November 25: Lord, we are thankful for the freedom to worship You without fear. Comfort persecuted Christians with the assurance of loving prayer support of thousands of Christians around the world.

November 26: Lord, we are thankful You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Intervene in all situations against Your Church, and may Your love and truth replace all hate and ignorance.

November 27: As Christians, we’re called to speak out against injustice, defend the oppressed and take up the cause of those suffering. #RedWednesday is a great time to do just that. Pray for those facing injustice because of their religion or beliefs.

November 28: Today is Red Wednesday. Churches and public buildings all over the world will light up in red as a sign of solidarity with persecuted Christians. Pray all persecuted Christians will sense the spirit of encouragement and solidarity.

November 29: Lord, we pray Christians crying out for justice will receive Your perfect justice, love and power. Thank You Lord, that Your passion for justice burns strong and eternal.

November 30: Thank You Lord for breaking through situations of injustice and suffering with the shining light of Your Truth. We pray You continue to use CSW to bring hope to the Persecuted Church.


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