JULY 2019


July 1: Dear God, You hold all nations in Your hands. Please work through the international institutions of this world to bring justice and freedom to Your children suffering persecution and religious oppression.

July 2: Freedom of religion or belief is one of the most widely violated human rights in the world. Pray those with power and influence would use their positions to ensure no one is forced to flee their home or country because of their religion.

July 3: Lord, we pray for continued favor upon CSW with journalists, so the voices of persecuted Christians are heard. We give thanks for journalists and media that cover religious freedom issues.

July 4: Praise God for the religious freedom we still have in the United States to speak out against injustice and religious persecution. Lord, help us make the most of every opportunity to secure religious freedom for the persecuted Church worldwide.

July 5: Almighty God, You are above all nations and governments. We pray You move leaders in the international community in decisive actions to defend religious freedom where it is threatened.

July 6: Please pray for millions of persecuted Christians worldwide unable to live their faith freely, without fear. Lord, give them courage and strength to triumph over the daily trials they face.

July 7: Thank God for the blessing we have in the United States to attend church in peace and freedom. Pray for the safety of persecuted Christians who do not have this freedom.

July 8: Almighty God, we lift the nation of Nigeria to You. Bind this nation’s wounds and bring restoration. Heal the broken hearts of those who've lost loved ones in violence.

July 9: Pray for leaders recently elected in Nigeria's General Election. Pray these leaders work for peace to reign over Nigeria. Dear God, give them wisdom and guidance as they make crucial decisions.

July 10: Pray for wisdom and integrity in Nigeria’s political leadership. Pray for a just government to unite the nation, tackle corruption and protect the religious rights of all Nigerians.

July 11: Please pray for humanitarian aid to reach thousands of Christians who are homeless and destitute in central Nigeria. Pray for interfaith cooperation and unity across religious groups.

July 12: Pray God dismantles the network of extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria exposing its benefactors and bringing them to justice. Pray for a definitive end to the bombings, threats and murders.

July 13: Pray for Rev. Yunusa Nmadu, CEO of CSW Nigeria based in Kaduna. He is also General Secretary of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) denomination. Pray God's blessing and protection on him and his family.

July 14: Please pray for Christians in Nigeria. "We have become prey and sport… And yet we will hope in the Lord," said Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican Archbishop of Jos, following an outbreak of violence in Plateau State.

July 15: In Fall 2018, gunmen attacked and killed 14 Christians in a suburb of the capital, Jos, Nigeria. There is mistrust and fear between Muslim and Christian communities. Pray God comforts the grieving, and brings peace to heal all divisions.

July 16: Pray God provides for the needs of Christians who have been displaced by violence and threats in Nigeria. Pray indigenous Christians are able to stay in their homelands of Yobe, Borno and Kano.

July 17: Pray bridges are built across different faith communities in Nigeria with the aim of restoring peace and hope.

July 18: February marked one-year since the abduction of Leah Sharibu from her school in Dapchi, Nigeria, along with 109 of her classmates. Leah, the only Christian, refused to convert in exchange for her freedom. Pray for her and Alice Ngaddah, a Christian nurse abducted a month later, as they remain in captivity.

July 19: Pray for renewed strength for Leah as she remains in captivity. Her courage in the face of this ordeal is extraordinary. Pray for Leah and Alice’s safety and soon release.

July 20: Please pray for Leah Sharibu's parents, Nathan and Rebecca, and her brother Donald; also, for Alice’s husband and children. Dear God, bring them comfort and Your peace that passes all understanding during this agonizing time.

July 21: Lord of all, You see the pain and suffering across Nigeria. You know each victim and You grieve with survivors. We ask You to bring peace, justice and freedom, and to break every plan of violence.

July 22: Please pray for the nation of Vietnam. It continues to be a dangerous place for Christians. CSW receives reports of beatings, harassment, forced eviction and killings in Christian communities.

July 23: Mandatory registration of religious organizations and activities in Vietnam hinder religious freedom. Pray for safety of Christians and human rights activists working for peace and freedom.

July 24: Vietnam’s human rights record was recently reviewed at the UN. Pray this international scrutiny will lead to increased protection of human rights and freedom of religion or belief.

July 25: Pray for safety of Christians in the Central Highlands region in Vietnam. They endure discrimination because of their remote location in the country. They are often denied access to government support (rice allowances or housing grants), and suffer beatings, torture and sexual abuse.

July 26: Pray for Vietnamese human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai who was released into exile in Germany in 2018. He views Vietnam as his home and is committed to defending religious freedom there in any way. Pray he is equipped with the earthly and spiritual resources he needs.

July 27: Falsely imprisoned Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton is a human rights activist, fearlessly working for freedom of religion or belief in Vietnam. His family and church have been violently attacked repeatedly by local authorities. Pray he would be unconditionally released and exonerated of all charges.

July 28: Pray for falsely imprisoned legal advisor and Hoa Hao Buddhist, Nguyen Bac Truyen. He has long been harassed by authorities in Vietnam for providing free legal assistance to religious communities facing persecution.

July 29: Pray for Nguyen Bac Truyen's unconditional release, and protection for all of Vietnam’s human rights defenders who courageously speak up on behalf of others.

July 30: Pray for the Vietnamese government to release all those detained for their peaceful defense of human rights; in line with Vietnam's obligations as a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

July 31: Lord God, we lift the nation of Vietnam to You, asking that recent reviews of Vietnam’s human rights record, and the recommendations arising from them, would lead to peace for all of Vietnam's citizens.


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