January 1: The world was thrown into exceptional circumstances in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray for those who diligently work for peace and health. We worship a God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.

January 2: Pray for CSW’s leadership and staff to have wisdom and vision as they seek to follow God’s lead in 2021.

January 3: Please pray for CSW's partners around the world. Pray God will protect and bless them and their work in this coming year.

January 4: As CSW continues to be a voice for the voiceless in 2021, pray God directs and grows His work through us. Praise God for partners and supporters of CSW who speak for those suffering in the Church worldwide.

January 5: As we enter 2021, after such an unpredictable and upsetting year in many ways, let us pray for renewed hope and strength to carry out God's work for persecuted Christians worldwide.

January 6: Thank God for His provision in 2020 and for the guidance He will provide to achieve amazing things in 2021 for His glory.

January 7: Pray for embattled, persecuted Christians who are feeling discouraged as they suffer for their faith. Pray they would be given renewed spiritual inspiration and courage in the New Year.

January 8: Almighty God, we ask You to watch over Your Persecuted Church which has been even more vulnerable during the pandemic. Grant protection from the virus itself and bring hope that one day they will be able to practice their faith in freedom and safety.

January 9: The whole world has been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, and so many things have changed as a result. Sovereign Lord, we pray for changed hearts and minds so that religious persecution is consigned to history books.

January 10: Pray for vulnerable Christians in refugee camps and detention centers around the world during the pandemic. The need to guarantee religious freedom and access to information is essential. Pray for the safety of human rights defenders investigating and documenting virus-related rights abuses.

January 11: CSW is privileged to work with many human rights defenders worldwide. Pray for the men and women who document and pursue justice for human rights abuses, including violations of religious freedom, often at great personal risk and heavy financial cost.

January 12: Around the world Christians have been unfairly blamed for transmitting the Covid-19 virus. Even while churches have provided food to those in need, they have been accused of spreading the virus. Pray for an end to the scapegoating and targeting of Christian communities.

January 13: During the pandemic there have been reports in some countries of food aid being denied to Christians and instances of churches, which have tried to distribute basic necessities, facing government opposition. Pray Christians around the world are given fair access to food and basic provisions.

January 14: Pray CSW’s advocacy and education efforts during the pandemic would effectively influence oppressive governments and lead to greater religious freedom.

January 15: Please pray for religious freedom in the nation of Nepal. The introduction of anti-conversion provisions in the constitution and penal code, criminalizing the propagation of faith, places Christians in vulnerable position of being prosecuted for proselytizing.

January 16: God of justice, rise up to defend the cause of the oppressed in Nepal and bring justice to those who are falsely accused of illegal conversion. Lord, hear their cry and move quickly to help them.

January 17: In Nepal, anyone peacefully sharing their faith or belief can be accused of violating the anti-conversion laws. Pray for Christians owners of charitable organizations who are at risk of being targeted for prosecution, even if not involved in proselytizing.

January 18: Pray for Pastor Keshav Raj Acharya from Pokhara,Nepal. He has been unjustly arrested and detained repeatedly since March. Pastor Keshav was held in a remote part of Nepal, charged with "outraging religious feelings and attempting to convert."

January 19: Pray for Pastor Keshav, recently released from prison on bail, with the case against him ongoing. Pray for peace and strength for him and his wife, Junu.

January 20: Pray for the unfounded charges leveled against Pastor Keshav are dropped and the case dismissed. Pray that Nepal’s anti-conversion laws are repealed.

January 21: Ask God to bring an end to the impunity and lack of accountability that is widespread across Nepal. Pray for Nepal’s President, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, to have wisdom to lead with integrity and justice.

January 22: Lord, we ask for Your healing upon the nation of Nigeria and an outpouring of justice for all those whose lives have been devastated by violence. Arise Lord, and come quickly to save Your children from suffering and sorrow.

January 23: Pray for the Church in Nigeria. In the last 10 years, the situation for Christians has worsened and changed from subtle types of persecution to the destruction of lives and properties. Terrorist groups are trying to wipe out an entire faith community.

January 24: Pray for safety of Christians in Nigeria. Perpetrators of violence against them have become more emboldened with more attacks during the pandemic lockdown. The perpetrators attack without being challenged by anyone.

January 25: The Fulani militia mainly come in the night while the community is sleeping and kill anyone in sight, burn their houses, loot their possessions and even steal their land. Pray for Christian communities across northern and central Nigeria at risk of attack.

January 26: The Nigerian government doesn't want to acknowledge what is happening in the country. Pray the Nigerian government would take decisive steps to end the violence.

January 27: Pray the police and army in Nigeria would be resourced and given the authority to combat the threat posed by terrorists and other armed groups against Christians.

January 28: Over 2 million Nigerians are displaced by conflict and violence. In 2020, 50,000+ people have been forced to find refuge in Internally Displaced Persons camps or with families far from their homes. Pray for an end to the appalling violence throughout the country.

January 29: Pray for the churches and organizations, including CSW’s Nigeria office, which are supporting displaced people at a time when their own resources have been impacted by the pandemic.

January 30: While Fulani militia target Christian communities in the center of Nigeria, gangs of kidnappers from the same tribe operate in north western states like Katsina, where they target everyone, regardless of religion. Pray the international community puts pressure on Nigerian government to take action.

January 31: Pray the Holy Spirit would pour out rivers of peace and healing on the nation of Nigeria. Pray the authorities take swift, effective action to end the violence.


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