MAY 2020


May 1:  Pray for religious minorities around the world who are more vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. CSW’s work continues. In many ways, it is even more vital at this moment in history. Pray for voices of justice and peace to be amplified, replacing voices of hate and violence.

May 2:  God reigns over the nations and is seated on His holy throne. We rest in the knowledge that we find shelter and refuge in the presence of God. We face suffering and trials in this life, yet we stand secure in God's promises to never leave or forsake us. Pray for the growth of the Church.

May 3:  We are living in unprecedented times. As we battle the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty and fear are rising. One thing remains certain, our God reigns. In these constantly changing times, pray the world looks to Him and seeks His face.

May 4:  CSW asks for your to continue standing with those facing injustice because of their faith. Your prayers and support for persecuted Christians are needed. Pray for those diligently working for peace and health.

May 5:  While the world relies on soap, water and antibacterial hand gel to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, many do not have these luxuries. Pray for persecuted Christians who's access to water and sewerage services are cut off by authorities in an attempt to force them to renounce their Christian faith.

May 6:  CSW is working with local partners worldwide to have authorities restore water and sewerage access to religious minority communities. Pray CSW's advocacy will be successful.

May 7:  Today is US National Day of Prayer. This year the theme is Pray God's Glory Across The Earth. Lord, help us pray for those who mistreat Your Church.  May Your love change the hearts of those who persecute Your children.

May 8:  God, we thank You for the Church. Empower Your Church to be a voice for Your glory. If one part of Your body is honored, we all rejoice; and if one part suffers, then every part suffers. We pray for the part of Your Church that is persecuted and ask for courage to do all we can to relieve their suffering.

May 9:  Please pray for children in families separated due of religious persecution. Pray for their emotional and physical health as they face loss and trauma.  Lord, we pray these children feel Your strong, comforting arms around them.

May 10:  Loving God, we pray for persecuted Christian mothers desperately trying to care for their children in unimaginable conditions. Provide for their needs and bring them comfort.

May 11:  Pray for persecuted Christians separated from their families for choosing to make a stand for justice and truth. Pray separated families are able to communicate despite physical barriers.

May 12:  Please pray for Christian families who've fled their homes due to war and religious persecution. Pray for safety and provision for those forced to flee to other regions within their own countries.

May 13:  Pray for Christian families separated due to religiously-motivated violence and persecution. Pray for parents who have lost their children.

May 14:  Please pray for the safety of family members left behind by Christians fleeing religious persecution. Pray they would not become targets. Lord, bring understanding and reconciliation between enemies.

May 15:  Pray families of unjustly imprisoned Christians find their strength in God. Holy Spirit, minister to families and friends of those imprisoned, disappeared or died supporting the human rights of others.

May 16:  Nigeria needs your prayers more than ever as violence accelerates. The Boko Haram terrorist group vows to drive Christians out.

May 17:  Terrorist groups in Nigeria link executions with the faith and state of origin of its victims. Pray for the Church in Nigeria to be a light in the darkness and for healing of its ravaged land.

May 18:  Pray Nigerian authorities secure the safe release of Leah Sharibu, Alice Ngaddah, and all other hostages of terrorist groups in Nigeria. Lord, be a refuge and comfort to every family awaiting the return of their loved one.

May 19:  The terrorist captors of Leah Sharibu and Christian nurse, Alice Loksha Ngaddah declared they will be enslaved for life and that it's lawful for them to do whatever they want with them. Pray for the swift, safe return to their families.

May 20:  Religious freedom violations have taken place in northern Nigeria for decades. Although their constitution guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief to all citizens, these rights are violated in shari’a states. Lord, end all violence and bring justice.

May 21:  There has been an unrelenting rise in violence and insecurity in Nigeria since Dec 2019. Civilians bear the brunt of the violence from multiple sources, with limited government intervention. Pray for Christian communities suffering relentless attacks and abductions.

May 22:  Central Nigeria is the nation’s bread basket. Many farmers can no longer return to their fields out of fear of attacks from Fulani militia or they've been occupied. Pray for desperately needed protection from their government.

May 23:  Please pray for the wife and children of Rev. Lawan Andimi, chair of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Adamawa state, who was recently executed by the Boko Haram terrorist group.

May 24:  A proliferation of small arms in Nigeria has caused a rise in lawlessness, increased insecurity and rise of kidnappings for ransom across the nation. Pray authorities prioritize accountability and access to justice for all victims.

May 25:  Pray Nigerian government reforms nation's security apparatus as a matter of urgency to ensure resources to combat the threats posed by factions of Boko Haram, the Fulani militia and other armed criminal groups.

May 26:  Pray for the immediate and unconditional release of Professor Solomon Tarfa. He and his wife, Mercy, founded Du Merci Center Christian orphanages in Kano and Kaduna States, Nigeria in 1996. He was arrested on Christmas Day 2019, falsely accused of "criminal conspiracy and abduction."

May 27:  Pray the Kano state authorities in Nigeria release Professor Tarfa immediately and without condition. Please pray for the safe return of 27 children and three adults taken from the Du Merci Center Christian orphanages.

May 28:  CSW is deeply concerned by daily reports of violence against Christians in Nigeria, under siege from a multiplicity of armed non-state actors. Pray President Buhari and the government of Nigeria are proactive in addressing these issues.

May 29:  Dear God, bestow on Your children being held hostage, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Protect them from the terrors of their surroundings, deliver them from the hands of their captors and restore them to freedom.

May 30:  Pray CSW's advocacy results in real change for communities at risk in Nigeria. Pray Nigerian Christians can live in peace and have the freedom to practice their faith without fear.

May 31:  Pray divine intervention brings an end to all forms of violence afflicting Nigeria. Pray those carrying out attacks would undergo a profound change of heart and that the Holy Spirit brings peace to rest on the whole nation.


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