October 1: Almighty God, we pray for the nation of India. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring peace to stop tensions leading to violence. In Your great mercy, protect Your servants working courageously for human rights.

October 2: India’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion or belief. However, increasing Hindu nationalism is making India more dangerous for Christians and human rights activists of all faiths. Pray for religious freedom in India.

October 3: India is seeing increased incidences of hate speech against Christians, often taking the form of religious leaders stirring up their followers to hatred and violence. Pray for safety and peace for Christians.

October 4: The Indian government has criminalized religious conversion in several states. Pray for increased collaboration between human rights defenders to share tactics against problematic legislation.

October 5: Death and threats of death have become common for human rights activists speaking out against injustice and oppression in India. Pray for safety and courage as they continue their vital work despite danger.

October 6: Hindu nationalists recently disrupted a service at Congregation of Jesus Church, assaulting worshipers and forcing the pastor and a lay leader to go to the police. CSW intervened. Both men were released and allegations proven false. Pray no further incidents occur.

October 7: A recent all-night prayer meeting led by Pastor Vijay Kumar was disrupted by Hindu nationalists in India, and police took him into custody. Pray Pastor Vijay isn't discouraged or fearful, and for protection from further violence.

October 8: It has been a decade since the violence that swept Odisha. Many survivors of that violence and families of victims are still awaiting justice. Pray God renews urgency of their case in the hearts and minds of authorities.

October 9: Lord, we give thanks for human rights defenders and church leaders in India, carrying out their work despite real danger. We ask for Your protection over them, granting them courage and endurance for their vital work.

October 10: Dear God, we ask for Your blessing on the nation of India, and pray it becomes a leading voice for religious freedom. India has 1.2 billion citizens, hundreds of languages and various religions.

October 11: Pray for Eritrea, one of the most repressive regimes in the world. The government seeks total control over its citizens, jailing anyone it deems a dissenter. Repressive policies cause thousands of Eritreans to flee their nation each month.

October 12: The Eritrean people are suffering under one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Many flee their country, despite a shoot to kill policy on the border. Pray for safety of Eritrean refugees as they seek safe refuge.

October 13: Despite a shoot to kill border policy, thousands flee Eritrea’s harsh and restrictive regime. Many fall into the hands of human traffickers or are deported back to Eritrea. Pray Eritrean escapees find safety and peace.

October 14: There are 10,000+ prisoners of conscience in Eritrea from all faiths or none. They are detained indefinitely without charge or trial, held in appalling, often life-threatening conditions. Pray for imprisoned Eritreans to be unconditionally released.

October 15: Please pray for Patriarch Abune Antonios, the head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church. Now in his 90s, he has been under house arrest since 2006. Pray for churches in Eritrea to be able to meet without fear or intimidation.

October 16: Lord, we ask You to comfort Your children in Eritrea who are in prison for their faith. Encourage their families with Your peace that passes all understanding.

October 17: Change can seem impossible for the terrible situation in Eritrea, but nothing is impossible with God. Pray for the release of those unjustly imprisoned and healing to those who have been broken in body, mind and/or spirit.

October 18: Two long-term prisoners in Eritrea were recently released. Orthodox scholar Merigeta Yitbarek Berhe, in detention since 2006, and Rev. Oqbamichael TekleHaimanot, detained since 2007. Pray for healing, provision and safety for these men.

October 19: The Eritrean government has spoken of demobilizing conscripts. Pray this occurs, and that secondary schooling, which is currently completed in a military training camp, is normalized. Pray for the reopening of Eritrea’s closed universities.

October 20: Lord, encourage Eritrean church leaders of underground congregations in one of the most oppressive countries for Christians. Protect and encourage those leading churches for refugees.

October 21: Lord, we lift up Eritrea to You. Ensure the international community maintains attention and pressure until the violations cease, perpetrators are held accountable and the nation is truly free for all.

October 22: Please pray for the country of Nepal, which has seen more religious freedom restrictions recently. Pray Nepal's restrictive laws are changed so its people can choose or change their faith without fear.

October 23: Dear God, You are above all earthly powers and governments. We pray You would change the legislation introduced in Nepal over recent years and lift the restrictions being placed on religious freedom.

October 24: Since the introduction of Nepal’s constitution in 2015 and a new Criminal Code Bill in 2017, Christians in Nepal are facing new levels of uncertainty. Pray the government of Nepal amends the constitution and penal code to guarantee religious freedom for all.

October 25: In 2017 a Criminal Code Bill with clauses that criminalize religious conversion was signed into law in Nepal, which could lead to blasphemy accusations. Please pray this unjust law is repealed.

October 26: The Nepali government issued an order two years ago restricting how faith-based NGOs operate. Pray these laws are repealed to protect the work of national and international faith-based humanitarian organizations.

October 27: Today is International Religious Freedom Day. Pray freedom of religion or belief rises high on the agenda in the UN and EU. Pray human rights would be a priority for decision-makers in these international platforms when they consider sanctions, investigations and statements.

October 28: Please pray for human rights defenders advocating for religious freedom to be upheld in Nepal. Pray for situations around the globe that need the international community to speak up.

October 29: Five Christian churches in Nepal were recently attacked over a five-day period by unidentified assailants. This represents the stark decline in the ability of Christians in Nepal to practice their faith. Pray the Nepalese government brings the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

October 30: The government in Nepal does not allocate land for Christian burials, forcing them to travel hundreds of miles to bury their loved ones. Pray the government would recognize how horrific and unjust this is and allocate land for burials.

October 31: Dear Lord, we pray Your Holy Spirit moves in the hearts and minds of the leaders and policy makers in Nepal to bring religious freedom. Strengthen the Nepali Church to be a witness for Your glory.


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