September 1:  North Korea is the most oppressive regime in the world, unjustly imprisoning thousands of its citizens in labor camps and controlling daily life of its people in unimaginable ways.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move across North Korea, bringing a spiritual revival.

September 2: Pray for the dialogue between North Korea, South Korea and the United States to be peaceful and productive. There is still a long way to go before the peninsula is truly on the path to freedom.

September 3:  Please pray for Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean regime. Pray God changes hearts and minds, and that genuine progress can be made through dialogue with South Korea and the United States.

September 4:  Christians suffer cruel persecution in North Korea. Pray for genuine peace on the Korean peninsula, respect for fundamental freedoms, and human dignity for the people of North Korea.

September 5:  All powerful God, we lift up the nation of North Korea. Its regime is under greater pressure to account for its extensive human rights violations. Lord, soften hearts and change minds among those in authority that carry out horrible atrocities.

September 6:  We pray for peace, and remember all those imprisoned in North Korea’s gwanliso prison camps. Pray for their release and for freedom of religion or belief in North Korea.

September 7:  Some North Koreans have a window to the outside world through foreign media smuggled into the country. Pray God increases this information flow through radio, USB sticks, cultural engagement and other means.

September 8:  Many North Korean refugees seek safety by escaping via China. Pray China allows them to pass safely through the country to South Korea, and ends its policy of returning them to North Korea.

September 9:  Today is Independence Day in North Korea. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in the international community working to bring about peace and real change in North Korea.

September 10:  Almighty God, You are above all rulers and governments. We pray for spiritual revival in the nation of North Korea. May Your Holy Spirit open the hearts of its rulers toward genuine peace and freedom.

September 11:  Today is Coptic New Year in Egypt. As Christians in Egypt observe their New Year, pray God protects their celebrations, which are often targeted for attacks. Pray this New Year brings peace and safety for all Egypt’s citizens.

September 12:  Dear God, we lift the nation of Egypt to You. Protect the Christian community which has lived there since ancient times. Shield and uphold them in the face of severe pressure and persecution.

September 13:  Lord, as the number of terror attacks in Egypt grow, we ask You to bring Your peace to this troubled country so all can worship freely, without fear. We pray for peace and religious freedom in Egypt.

September 14:  Pray for the human rights situation in Egypt, which has progressively worsened since the 2011 revolution. Measures taken in response to the terrorist threat have caused deterioration in the human rights climate, restricting freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief.

September 15:  The increase of terror attacks in Egypt, caused the government to introduce special measures, resulting in human rights being restricted in the name of national security. Please pray for peace in Egypt.

September 16:  Fourteen churches have been closed by the Egyptian government between 2016-2018, largely in response to local hostility. Pray these churches would be reopened and for peace to replace hostility.

September 17:  Attacks on Christian communities in Egypt often go unpunished and justice is not delivered to the survivors. Please pray God would move in the hearts of those who oversee the justice system.

September 18:  Reports persist in Upper Egypt of young Christian girls being abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, then married to men they don’t know. Please pray the Egyptian government brings perpetrators to justice and returns abducted girls.

September 19:  Despite Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's warmth toward the Christian community in Egypt, societal hostility, discrimination and harassment persist. Pray respect and religious freedom would spread throughout society.

September 20:  Pray the Holy Spirit brings peace and unity to Egypt. We lift our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ into God’s precious care, knowing that He will be their fortress and comfort in the face of violence and discrimination.

September 21:  Please pray for the nation of Iran, which is in the heart of the Muslim world. Pray for church leaders to be raised up and churches to be planted in this nation of 79 million people.

September 22:  Almighty God, we lift up the nation of Iran. Protect and encourage the Iranian Church as it continues to grow for Your glory in the midst of intense persecution.

September 23:  Pray for children in families belonging to the Church of Iran in the cities of Rasht and Shiraz. They are told they must either study

Shi'a Islam or leave school.

September 24:  Pray criminalizing of Christian activities in Iran ends. Arrests amount to the criminalization of the Christian community for exercising the right to freedom of religion or belief, even though the constitution recognizes Christianity.

September 25:  Lord, You set prisoners free and uphold the cause of the oppressed. We pray for the release of those in Iran who've received long, unjust prison sentences for taking part in church activities.

September 26:  Pray for Iranian Christians serving harsh, unjust prison sentences. Lord, we pray for Christians in Iran facing the very real possibility of decades in prison. Comfort and strengthen them, and give them hope.

September 27:   Many of the men arrested and facing harsh sentences belong to the Church of Iran. We lift them to God in prayer, asking Him to strengthen them and fill them with courage and hope.

September 28: Please pray for Pastor Nadarkhani, Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh, and Saheb Fadaie; all facing 10-year sentences recently upheld on appeal. Pray for the charges to be dropped.

September 29:  Pray for Pastor Behnam Irani and his family, applying to the UN’s refugee agency for resettlement. He was released from prison in 2016 after serving a six-year sentence in Iran. While in prison he developed severe health problems as a result of frequent torture.

September 30:  Pray for healing and outpouring of Jesus’ love upon the ancient land of Iran. Lord, we pray for Your grace and mercy to bring about a powerful spiritual revival throughout Iran.


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