January 1: Pray for the work of CSW in 2019. Pray for God's guidance and strength in the year ahead as CSW stands as a voice for justice and religious freedom.

January 2: Dear God of justice, we pray for Your blessing on CSW's work for those facing injustice because of their religion or belief. We pray for Your divine wisdom as CSW stands against injustice.

January 3: Praise God for giving CSW a voice in the defense of persecuted Christians. Praise God that our prayers and actions can save lives. Lord, help us to speak out for justice wherever and whenever we can in 2019.

January 4: CSW's research and analysis enable policymakers to stand up for freedom of religion or belief. Pray for the tireless, dedicated work of CSW’s advocates and partners, as they gather evidence and provide unique analysis of worldwide situations.

January 5: CSW believes in the power of prayer to bring change. Thank you, Lord, for hearing each prayer lifted to You. Remind us to keep committing everything to You in prayer as we rely on Your strength and guidance in 2019.

January 6: Dear God, give CSW both wisdom and the necessary resources to make the most of all opportunities. We pray for the advancement of CSW's work, promoting the right to freedom of religion or belief wherever persecution exists.

January 7: Today is Coptic Christmas Day. Pray for peace in areas of war as Coptic Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Pray that any plans for terrorist attacks on Christmas church services would be thwarted.

January 8: Tensions between different religions can lead to conflicts, especially in the Coptic Christmas season. Pray for understanding and peace between different religious communities.

January 9: Pray for the nation of Pakistan, where life is increasingly difficult for Christians facing a multitude of challenges, such as, restrictive blasphemy laws, a biased education system, and hundreds of girls kidnapped and forcibly married to men they’ve never met.

January 10: There has been an increase in the forced marriage and forced conversion of Christian girls in Pakistan. These girls are abducted, forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men who are strangers to them. Pray that the government and police in Pakistan would take decisive action to stop these abductions.

January 11: Kidnapping and forced conversion of Christian girls in Pakistan is a heart-breaking problem that desperately needs your prayers. Pray these girls are reunited with their families soon.

January 12: Lord, watch over Pakistan’s Christian community, facing discrimination and harassment at all levels in society. We pray for unity among Christian denominations to work together for the benefit of the community as a whole.

January 13: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, describes blasphemy as the "unpardonable offence." Dear God, protect those wrongfully accused of blasphemy and deliver justice to them swiftly. We pray these laws, used to punish people just for their faith, are abolished.

January 14: Christians in Pakistan are targets of large-scale attacks on their places of worship, and by gunmen and suicide bombers as they leave church services. Pray for God's hand of protection over His Church in Pakistan.

January 15: Pray for Christians in Pakistan facing daily harassment and discrimination on every level, from blasphemy legislation that destroys lives, to prejudice and intolerance at school or work.

January 16: Pray for an end to Pakistan’s biased education system that fuels division and mistrust between communities. School textbooks in Pakistan are filled with discriminatory ideas and hate speech against Christians which fuels religious hatred.

January 17: Pray for peace upon the nation of Pakistan. Dear Lord, bring healing and abundant hope for Christians in Pakistan. Embolden and encourage them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

January 18: Almighty God, we ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit upon the nation of China. We pray for the Chinese government to acknowledge Christians and allow them to be a positive part of the harmonious society it aims to build.

January 19: Pray for churches in China, experiencing increased harassment. New regulations recently tightened state control over Chinese churches, which led to church closures and demolitions, forced removal of religious items from church buildings and a ban on children attending services.

January 20: CSW's East Asia team is dedicated to promoting religious freedom in China. They write reports and articles, visit regions to gather first-hand information and run training sessions for freedom and human rights. Pray God blesses their efforts and grants them wisdom and safety for their work.

January 21: Pray for Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China. On Dec 9, Chinese officials launched a crackdown on this church. Police broke down doors, swarmed apartment complexes, and ransacked homes to detain more than 100 leaders and members of this house church, including its pastor, Wang Yi and all but one of the church’s elders.

January 22: Pray for Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China and Pastor Wang Yi. The first crackdown occurred in May 2018, when 200 members of this church were detained or removed from church to prevent them from holding a prayer vigil.

January 23: Living Stone Church in China has been the target for repeated harassment by the government since 2013. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and protection over this faithful congregation.

January 24: Please pray for persecuted Christians in China. Authorities have demolished churches, forced congregations to sing Communist songs in churches, removed banners, posters and tiles with religious messages from their buildings, and forbid anyone under 18 from attending a church.

January 25: Lord, we lift the churches in China to You. Protect Your Church from further harassment, and give them safe places to worship You in peace. We pray China’s tighter controls on religion are lifted and for children to be allowed to attend church again.

January 26: Methods of suppressing Christianity in China include forcibly banning and sealing up churches. Please pray for CSW’s advocacy work in China to improve the situation for Christians who are suffering persecution.

January 27: Pray for church leaders in China who are detained and/or sent to labor camps on the pretext of suspicion of organizing and using a cult to undermine law enforcement.

January 28: Dear Lord, open the hearts of those in authority in China, to know Your love and power through Your Holy Spirit. Give them a desire to change their ways and stop the persecution of Your Church.

January 29: Pray for Christians in China, as the situation has grown increasingly difficult with the crackdown on human rights. Church leaders across China say there’s growing alarm at the way Christians are being treated.

January 30: Please pray for Christians in China, working to have a positive impact on their communities through social and charity work. Pray for CSW’s work in China, to bring the truth about religious freedom to light across the nation.

January 31: Pray for the Holy Spirit to move throughout China. Dear Lord, embolden Your Church in China, and comfort those living in fear and intimidation. Give church leaders courage and wisdom as they serve Your children.


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