MARCH 2019


March 1: Pray for the nation of Burma. After seven years of opening up, Burma is facing new repression. Despite a fragile transition to democratization over the past year, the situation has worsened dramatically in some areas.

March 2: Burma’s fragile new democracy is still at risk of failing. The church has an important role to play in building a brighter future for Burma. Pray for church leaders to play a role in peace building, dialogue and reconciliation.

March 3: Pray for the government of Burma to take decisive action to stem the tide of rising militant Buddhism which has led to religious intolerance. Pray for an end to hate speech, discrimination and violence against Christians, and for greater efforts by religious leaders to promote peace and defend religious freedom.

March 4: Pray for the family of Pastor Tun Nu in Burma. He was kidnapped from his home by members of a rebel army in January and killed in February. He leaves behind a wife and three young children. Tun Nu served as a pastor in Burma for two decades and established many churches.

March 5: Pray the Burmese government recognizes growing religious intolerance and culture of impunity that must be stamped out. Pray God moves through Aung San Suu Kyi and her ministers to end hate speech, violence and abuses of religious minorities.

March 6: Pray wisdom, compassion and justice are at the heart of Burmese government actions. Pray Aung San Suu Kyi and her ministers take firm steps to promote inter-religious harmony and religious freedom.

March 7: The nation of Burma faces two particularly significant challenges: ending decades of civil war and addressing widespread religious intolerance. Pray for an end to decades of conflict and intolerance that has caused so much suffering.

March 8: Today is International Women’s Day. CSW is privileged to work with many inspirational women worldwide. Pray for inspiring women who stand up for freedom of religion or belief, and fight against forced marriage and conversion, fewer educational opportunities and lack of job opportunities.

March 9: Pray for Tran Thi Hong, a member of the Vietnamese Women for Human Rights. She and her family have endured terrible harassment, including beatings during interrogation sessions. Pray for safety of all courageous women campaigning for human rights in their countries and abroad.

March 10: Pray for Ladies in White of Cuba. They attend Mass dressed in white then silently walk through their towns to remind the government they are still awaiting the release of their unjustly detained family members. Many of the women are harassed, beaten or detained. Pray for their protection.

March 11: Female human rights defenders in Pakistan face harassment for their work defending the rights of others. Pray God protects them and provides much needed resources.

March 12: Michelle Chaudhry is one of CSW's long-standing partners in Pakistan. As president of the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation, she advocates for the rights of religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan. Pray for safety, wisdom and courage in her work.

March 13: Praise God for the many godly, inspiring women worldwide. Thank God for raising them up and empowering them to fight for justice and freedom in their countries. Pray they have faith, hope and strength to continue their work, even when persecuted.

March 14: In recent years, CSW has trained many women in Cuba on how to recognize and document local violations of freedom of religion or belief. Pray God strengthens and protects them, and provides the resources they need.

March 15: CSW works with many inspiring women. Thank God for their courage, wisdom and tenacity in speaking out for human rights and religious freedom. Lord, protect them and provide the physical and spiritual resources they need to do their work.

March 16: Please pray for the nation of Iran. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom upon CSW as it continues to be a voice for the voiceless and advocates for the rights of Iranian Christians.

March 17: There are increasing levels of anti-Christian hate speech from senior government officials in Iran. Pray that hate speech would not have its desired effect of inciting intolerance against Christians.

March 18: Pray the Iranian government is held accountable for its harassment of Iran's Christian community. It is common for Christians to endure constant raids on homes and repeated arrests without basis. This tactic is designed to foster a sense of insecurity within the community.

March 19: The campaign of arrests, unjust imprisonments and intimidation against Christians in Iran continues to intensify. Pray Iranian Christians persevere in their faith and find courage and wisdom from God.

March 20: Many of the Iranian judges handing down sentences are known to be biased against Christians and to hand down excessively harsh sentences. Please pray God works powerfully in their hearts to turn them away from hatred and toward justice.

March 21: Today is Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Pray for Christians unjustly imprisoned in Iran because of their faith. Pray they are able to face each day in the new year with courage and hope, and be released soon.

March 22: As Iran marks the Persian New Year, pray this year brings religious freedom and peace, and that Iran becomes a country where all can worship freely without fear.

March 23: Pray for God’s protection over Christians in Iran, who are at risk of persecution because of their faith in Jesus. Pray for God’s steadfast comfort and strength upon His faithful servants.

March 24: Pray for Rev. Victor Bet-Tamraz in Iran awaiting the outcome of his appeal against a 10-year sentence for "conducting evangelism" and "illegal house church activities." Many Christians were arrested at a Christmas celebration in his home.

March 25: Please pray for Shamiram Issavi, wife of Rev. Victor Bet-Tamraz, and their son, Ramil. She received a five-year sentence on national security charges after going to Christian seminars abroad. Ramil was sentenced to four years in prison on charges related to his father’s church activities.

March 26: Pray for new Christians in Iran as they are particularly vulnerable to arrest and detention for their faith. Pray for peace and comfort for the families of unjustly imprisoned Christians in Iran.

March 27: Pray for Christians in Iran facing trial on religious grounds have access to justice. Pray their lawyers are allowed access to their clients ahead of their hearings.

March 28: Iran is known for its lack of religious tolerance. Since the 1979 Revolution, Christians have been viewed with suspicion and treated as a threat to the government. Pray for converts to Christianity from Islam who are especially at risk.

March 29: Many Iranian Christians convert from Islam, and the state views them with particular suspicion. Pray for the safety of new Christians in Iran as they grow deep in their faith and in His Word.

March 30: Alongside the growing network of home churches in Iran has been the increase of violent crackdowns and raids on Christians. Pray that intimidation and arrests of Christians would end.

March 31: Pray Iran becomes a nation where no faith or ethnic group faces discrimination or persecution. Pray Iran becomes a major missionary sending country, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the Islamic world and beyond.


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