MAY 2019


May 1: Dear Lord, strengthen and protect all Your persecuted children. We pray for Your abundant love to surround them. May they experience the freedom and power that comes from knowing You live in them.

May 2: Today is US National Day of Prayer. This year the theme is Love One Another. Lord, help us pray for those who mistreat Your Church. May Your love change the hearts of those who persecute Your children.  

May 3: Almighty God, we bring the nation of India to You. Increasing Hindu nationalism is making India increasingly dangerous for Christians and human rights activists of all faiths. We pray India would be a nation that is safe for people of all faiths.

May 4: The newspapers and other media in India give a platform to those seeking to incite violence. Pray for wisdom and courage for those making editorial decisions about freedom of speech versus hate speech.

May 5: Pray strong action would be taken against officials in India who fuel animosity toward religious minorities. Christian missionaries are seen as a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

May 6: In 2018, India’s Supreme Court passed comprehensive directions detailing police action to protect religious minorities against mob violence. Pray the police act in accordance with the new directions to prevent and prosecute such violence.

May 7: Pray the Indian government speaks out against violence targeting Christians to send a strong message that extremism will not be tolerated. Lord, give Your servants a spirit of peace as they lead their churches during this time.

May 8: Lord, we pray for Your protection over pastors and their families in India. Give them a strong sense of Your peace and stem the tide of arrests and violence.

May 9: In the past few years, the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, has seen a huge surge in violence against Christians, mostly stemming from allegations of forcible or fraudulent conversions. Pray police take action against rising tide of violence and hate speech.

May 10: Almighty God, we lift up the nation of India. We pray for India to grow in prominence on the world stage as a leader of religious freedom.

May 11: Please pray for families separated due to religiously-motivated violence and persecution. Let us lift in prayer those who diligently work to bring peace and to reunite lost people with their loved ones.

May 12: O Lord, comfort Your servants in prison for their faith, and encourage their families who are filled with fear and anxiety. Give them Your peace that passes all understanding.

May 13: Loving God, please strengthen and protect Your precious children who are suffering daily persecution. Uplift them in the knowledge that people around the world are praying for them.

May 14: CSW launched the Faith and a Future campaign in 2018 to ensure no child is denied a fair education because of their faith. Pray for children in many countries experiencing religious freedom discrimination.

May 15: Thousands of Christian children face discrimination, humiliation, harassment and abuse at school because of their faith. Pray God moves in powerful ways to create a future where this no longer happens.

May 16: Pray for children in countries around the world who experience daily religious persecution in school. In several Shari’a states, Christian children have had to adopt Muslim-sounding names and adopt Muslim practices at school in order to receive state education.

May 17: In more remote areas of central and northern Nigeria, state governments often neglect the needs of children from Christian communities leaving them with woefully inadequate teaching and resources. Pray for equal educational opportunity.

May 18: There is often great pressure to convert. In many countries, Christian children are promised free schooling, friendship, help with studies and better grades if they convert. Pray for safety and equality for these children.

May 19: Children of Christian leaders are often targeted to put pressure on their parents. Lord, protect Your servants and their families from persecution and attacks.

May 20: Pray for Christian children who are often passed over because of their faith. Teachers tell them, if they were Muslim they would be helped with course and syllabus, homework and assignments.

May 21: Lord, we pray You would strengthen and protect Your Church in Eritrea. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon this suffering nation to bring real change and freedom to worship You without fear or persecution.

May 22: Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a peace agreement in 2018 after decades of tension between the two countries. Pray for Eritrea's citizens who are still waiting to see concrete improvements. They live in one of the worst countries in the world for human rights.

May 23: Many who crossed the newly opened border to Ethiopia in 2018 were told Eritrean refugees were not accepted. Pray the Ethiopian government accepts these people.

May 24: Today is Independence Day in Eritrea. Pray for the nation of Eritrea. Since gaining independence from Ethiopia in 1991, the Eritrean government has grown increasingly ruthless. Pray for thousands of Christians who are imprisoned for their faith.

May 25: Since Eritrea gained independence, its government has banned most churches, forbidding them from meeting together under any circumstance. Pray for safety of Christians in Eritrea.

May 26: Eritrea is one of the worst countries in the world for human rights. Yet, it has just been elected to a seat on the HRC at the UN. Pray Member States will pressure Eritrea to improve its appalling human rights record.

May 27: Pray for Daniela Kravetz, elected in 2018 as the new UN Special Rapporteur for Eritrea. Special Rapporteurs are experts who work voluntarily for the UN, conducting independent research on human rights and reporting back to the UN.

May 28: Almighty God, move powerfully in Eritrea, setting prisoners free and reuniting families. Move in the hearts of leaders to take strong action where needed to bring freedom and justice throughout the nation.

May 29: The Eritrean government rules with fear and intimidation. Pray those in authority would stop oppressing their own people and would allow them to live in peace and religious freedom.

May 30: Pray for safety of Christians in Eritrea who have suffered appalling mistreatment for their faith. Lord, please provide for the families of unjustly imprisoned Christians and bring comfort to those whose loved ones are disappeared.

May 31: Dear God, we pray for the nation of Eritrea. Move in mighty ways to spread Your peace and justice. Watch over CSW advocates working to bring lasting change and peace for Eritreans.


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