November 1: Dear God, we pray as one united Church under Your holy headship and as one family in Christ. We pray for those who suffer in Your name all over the world.

November 2: Praise God for over half a million churches in 150 countries taking part in IDOP for the Persecuted Church throughout November. Pray for millions of Christians worldwide suffering for their faith.

November 3: Today is US International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Since 1996, churches around the world have united in prayer for the millions of Christians suffering harassment, torture, imprisonment and death for their faith. Lift our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ before the throne of God.

November 4: Praise God for the unity of His Church around the world. Pray God will do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine in countries where the Church is under heavy persecution.

November 5: Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who share in the same great gift of salvation through Jesus but are facing injustice, oppression and death because of their faith.

November 6: Dear God, protect Your persecuted children from those who seek to harm them for following You. Guide them when their path seems impossible to tread and give them hope for a future with freedom to worship You without fear.

November 7: Give thanks for increased global coverage of religious freedom issues. Thank God for CSW’s good relationships with politicians of all parties and for their willingness to highlight religious freedom violations.

November 8: Pray for all governments worldwide to acknowledge the importance of religious freedom. Pray foreign policy decisions and actions would be influenced by these guidelines.

November 9: Pray God opens more doors for religious leaders around the world to have effective conversations and agreements for peace in their countries.

November 10: Please pray for North Korea, the world’s most closed nation and one of the worst human rights crises. The regime arguably violates every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in powerful ways within North Korea.

November 11: While recent meetings between the US and North Korean leaders have given rise to hope for a more peaceful future, the North Korean regime remains infamous for its brutality and oppression. Pray future discussions would place human rights firmly on the agenda.

November 12: Pray God would work a miracle in the heart of Kim Jong Un and bring complete transformation to the evil, cruel regime. Pray for the North Korean people to be set free from daily brutality.

November 13: In primary school, North Korean children are taught all missionaries are terrorists. Pray for North Korean Christians who continue to share the message that God is real despite the danger.

November 14: North Koreans suspected of having contact with missionaries are often executed in brutal ways. Pray for the safety of Christians in North Korea who must live their faith in secret.

November 15: The practice of Christianity is illegal in North Korea. Owning a Bible is a crime and any person caught with one is sent, along with three generations of their family, to prison. Despite the risk, demand for Bibles is strong. Pray for courage and safety for believers in North Korea.

November 16: Over 200,000 North Koreans are held in kwanliso prison camps where they suffer horrific torture, sexual violence and are forced into slave labor. Pray for the permanent closure of these brutal camps.

November 17: China has a long-standing policy of returning North Korean refugees to their country of origin, regardless of the danger in sending them back. Pray this policy would end and China would allow them to cross safely into South Korea.

November 18: Pray for North Korean believers who endure repatriation, torture and imprisonment because of their faith. Even the slightest indication during interrogation that they are a Christian means being executed or sent to a prison camp.

November 19: Every aspect of daily life in North Korea is controlled. Christianity is seen as a threat and harshly punished. Speaking the word "Hananim," the Korean word for God, is an act of treason and can lead to soldiers coming in the night. Pray for religious freedom in North Korea.

November 20: In March, CSW participated in the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, hosting an event on religious freedom in North Korea. Pray the UN officials who attended are moved to secure real change for North Koreans.

November 21: Pray for Heyeona Ji, a North Korean Christian, who spoke at the UN and gave insight into the situation for Christians in her country. She fled North Korea three times and was repatriated three times. Pray for her healing from unimaginable suffering, including torture, human trafficking and forced abortion.

November 22: There is no religious freedom in North Korea. Christians face severe persecution if discovered. Many keep their faith hidden, meeting secretly in small groups. Pray one day soon there will be religious freedom throughout North Korea.

November 23: Lord God, You see everything that is hidden and You know each person by name who is suffering in North Korea. We lift them to You, and ask You to protect them and grant them a future of peace for themselves and their nation.

November 24: Please pray for thousands of courageous human rights defenders worldwide. Many of them are also religious leaders, a position that allows them to bridge the gap between public and religious life, but also puts them in danger.

November 25: Pray for Christian leaders serving in areas of extreme danger and persecution. Pray God would protect and strengthen them and their families as they shine as lights in the darkness.

November 26: Please pray for the safety of many religious leaders around the world whose work has led to death threats. Pray for protection of their families and global awareness of Christian persecution.

November 27: Today is Red Wednesday, when churches and public buildings worldwide will light up in red as a sign of solidarity with persecuted Christians. This is a day for raising awareness of those facing injustice because they are Christians and standing in solidarity with the Persecuted Church.

November 28: Praise God on this Thanksgiving Day! Thank You Lord, for Your provision and constant, loving care. We lift our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ into Your strong, sheltering arms.

November 29: Thank you Lord, for Your Holy Spirit's encouragement and peace. Strengthen the brave hearts of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep them far from danger and shelter them under Your wing.

November 30: Thank God for His righteousness and justice. Lord, show us ways we can stand in solidarity with believers living in fear for their lives because of their faith in You.


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