November 1:  Dear God, we humble ourselves before You as our nation struggles against spiritual forces in the battle between good and evil. We pray for Your power to overcome evil and for Your glory to be manifested in our nation.

November 2:  This is a pivotal moment in history, where the course of our nation could be directed for good or evil, destruction or restoration. Pray for God's forgiveness, healing and spiritual guidance as we elect our President and state leaders.

November 3:  Pray for clear discernment of God's voice as our nation votes in the General Election. Pray for the Church to rise up and stand for truth among lies and deception.

November 4:  It has been 400 years since the Pilgrims landed in America. Our nation has drifted far from the Biblical roots that established our great nation. Pray for God's mercy to heal our land and bring hope to our weary cries.

November 5:  Almighty God, we humble ourselves before You in fervent prayer for spiritual revival in our nation. In this time of national turmoil and division, we plead for restoration and mercy.

November 6:  Pray for peace in our nation. Pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to hearts filled with rebellion and violence, and bring spiritual revival and healing. Lord, we pray for religious freedom and liberties to be protected in our nation.

November 7:  Tomorrow begins a week of international prayer for the persecuted Church (IDOP). The theme this year is The Real Lockdown. The church has been restricted in gathering together to worship during lockdown. As hard as that’s been, it has helped us value religious freedom. Pray for believers worldwide who have never known that freedom.

November 8:  Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Dear Lord, we pray for courage to stand for truth and justice. Give Your Church boldness to be light in a dark world. Thank You, merciful God, for the promise that You are in control of all nations.

November 9:  During IDOP, Christians in 130+ countries stand in prayer with our persecuted sisters and brothers. Pray for church leaders worldwide who bravely risk their own safety to pursue religious freedom and justice. May God guide them with His wisdom and bless their efforts for His glory.

November 10:  Pray for voices of justice and peace in the Church to be amplified, replacing voices of hate and violence.  Please pray for protection, strength and comfort to persecuted Christians around the world facing discrimination, intimidation and violence because of their faith.

November 11:  Pray for leaders in the Church who are in positions of power worldwide.  Pray for protection of them and their families. Dear Lord, give them wisdom and guidance to do Your will.

November 12:  Please pray the Church would work in unity to support all believers facing persecution for their faith. Ask God to pour out His peace on regions in turmoil.

November 13:  Pray for Christian journalists, human rights defenders and lawyers worldwide who are standing up for religious freedom and justice in the face of danger and death threats.

November 14:  Pray for the nation of India. As the world’s largest lockdown continues to affect communities across India during the pandemic, CSW contacts are supporting those most in need.

November 15:  Pray for the Christian community in India which has been enduring horrific attacks. The culture of hatred toward Christians and the impunity which surrounds attacks against them, is spreading rampantly across India.

November 16:  Please pray for the family of Kande Mudu, who was savagely murdered in Jharkhand State, India. His family were the only Christians in their village and often faced violent opposition and threats to their lives.

November 17:  Pray for Kande Mudu's wife, Bindu, and their two daughters, ages 1 and 3, who fled for their lives after his recent murder. Bindu was pressured to abandon her faith if she wanted to stay alive. She replied, "I will live for Jesus and die for Jesus, but I will never turn back."

November 18:  Pray for Christians in India who are providing aid to those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic, often without protective equipment available. They are being falsely accused of conversion under anti-conversion legislation.

November 19:  As India’s lockdown was extended to stop the spread of the coronavirus, over 100 million people remain stranded and are unable to return home. Pray all India’s citizens are treated fairly regardless of their religious beliefs.

November 20:  CSW is concerned with greater harassment in marginalized Christian communities in India. Pray for Christians delivering aid during pandemic who are being taunted, humiliated and detained by local police.

November 21:  Attacks against Christians are increasing in India. Hindu nationalists spread false claims that Christians are converting people forcefully, which fuels violence. Pray for safety of Christians and that lies and hatred are overcome by truth and peace.

November 22:  Rising Hindu nationalism in India has increased restrictions on Christians. Church services are broken up violently, families forced out of villages, and public evangelism has become dangerous. Pray for safety of believers in a culture of impunity where police rarely intervene to help.

November 23:  Interruption of church services in India by police have escalated to more churches, occurring more frequently. Pray for protection of these churches and for interruptions to cease.

November 24:  Please pray for the nation of India to become a leading voice for religious freedom. Dear God, we pray for violence against Christians in India to be a thing of the past.

November 25:  Today is Red Wednesday, when churches and public buildings all over the world will light up in red as a sign of solidarity with persecuted Christians. Lord, You are the same yesterday, today and forever. Intervene in all situations against Your Church so love and truth replace hate and ignorance.

November 26:  Thank God on this day of Thanksgiving, for His loving provision with which He has blessed you.  Pray for justice, peace and religious freedom for all persecuted Christians worldwide.

November 27:  Almighty God, You alone are worthy of all praise and adoration. We thank You for who You are, Your loving care, and for Your deliverance and justice for Your glory.

November 28:  Give thanks for church leaders around the world speaking up for religious freedom.  Pray God emboldens and protects them as they fight for justice, often at great risk.

November 29:  Lord, we are thankful for the freedom to worship You without fear in our nation. Comfort Your persecuted children with the assurance of loving prayer support of thousands of Christians around the world.

November 30:  Merciful God, we thank You for being our strong tower where refuge is found when forsaken by family, friends and/or society. We pray for persecuted Christians who have fled their homes. Be their shield and stronghold.


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