January 1: Almighty God, thank You for all that You enabled CSW to achieve in 2019. We praise You for Your blessings and pray for Your continued guidance and wisdom in 2020.

January 2: Pray for God’s blessing and guidance for CSW’s work in 2020. Praise God for all the ways He used CSW’s staff, supporters, volunteers and Board members throughout 2019.

January 3: Thank God for the many doors He opened for CSW in 2019. Pray 2020 will be filled with more divine appointments, speaking engagements, conferences and meetings with influential figures to help the Persecuted Church.

January 4: Praise God for CSW leaders, working tirelessly for religious freedom worldwide. Please pray for them as we begin a new year full of new challenges.

January 5: Thank God for the hope and opportunities which the New Year brings. Pray for CSW to be an effective voice for the voiceless and for worldwide religious freedom in 2020.

January 6: Please pray God’s wisdom leads CSW’s Advocacy Team Leaders as they develop effective advocacy strategies for their regions.

January 7: Today is Coptic Christmas Day. Pray for peace in areas of war as Coptic Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Pray that any plans for terrorist attacks on Christmas church services would be thwarted.

January 8: Tensions between different religions can lead to conflicts, especially in the Coptic Christmas season. Pray for understanding and peace between different religious communities.

January 9: Lord, we lift up the country of Laos. We pray for the Church, which is often targeted by officials. Although conditions for Christians in urban areas have improved, those in rural areas report harassment, discrimination, forcible eviction, and land, livestock and property destruction.

January 10: Christians in some areas of Laos reported arbitrary detention, confiscation of land/livestock, destruction of property and discrimination. Pray for safety for Christians who are often prevented from practicing their faith freely.

January 11: New Christians in Laos often find themselves in precarious situations. They're evicted from their homes and harassed by neighbors and local leaders. Pray for courage and safety for new believers whose communities oppose their conversion.

January 12: Please pray for the small but growing number of Christians in Laos. About 150,000 worship at state-recognized churches with at least 100,000 more attending unregistered churches. Pray for their safety as some officials see Christianity as a foreign religion and a threat.

January 13: Christianity is seen by some authorities in Laos as a foreign religion at odds with traditional culture. Christians have been arrested for explaining the Bible to people of other religions. Pray for safety of Pastors traveling to visit believers where freedom of worship is not allowed.

January 14: New Christians in Laos have been forced to take part in animist rituals in order to make them abandon their faith. In extreme cases, Christians have been known to "disappear." Dear Lord, strengthen and encourage the Church in Laos.

January 15: Pray for human rights improvements in Laos as it increases its participation in international affairs. Pray for Christians in remote areas who are often threatened and prevented from practicing their faith freely.

January 16: Pray for religious freedom in Laos. Since 2016, any religious activity requires government approval. Pray Laos’ constitution, which guarantees its citizens the right to "believe or not to believe in religions," would be enforced.

January 17: Dear Lord, we pray for Bangladesh and ask You to move in the hearts of government officials. Give them wisdom to protect victims of violence and religious discrimination who speak out against injustice.

January 18: Radical views against Christians have infiltrated every aspect of society in Bangladesh. A strong, proactive government response is needed to tackle extremism at its roots. Pray the government strengthens police and security services to root out extremism.

January 19: There are increased incidences of hate speech against Christians in Bangladesh, often by religious leaders stirring up their followers to hatred and violence. Pray God moves mightily through Bangladesh to make religious freedom a reality.

January 20: Fear has become a daily part of life for many people in Bangladesh. Pray for safety of Christian communities living in fear of attack and for pastors being threatened.

January 21: Christian leaders in Bangladesh are being targeted by violent extremists. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the CSW advocacy team as they plan strategies for their work in Bangladesh.

January 22: There is a mistrust of police in Bangladesh, which heightens people’s fears. Leaders of Christian communities are targeted by violent extremists. Pray local officials address internal corruption and restore trust in the justice system.

January 23: Cases of forced marriage and conversion are on the rise in Bangladesh. Dear God, You know each kidnapped girl by name. We pray for physical and emotional healing, and safe return to families.

January 24: Please pray for CSW’s partners in Bangladesh working for the religious rights of Christians. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring revival and peace across Bangladesh.

January 25: In 2018, CSW launched the Faith and a Future campaign to ensure no child is denied a fair education because of their faith. Pray for children worldwide experiencing religious freedom discrimination.

January 26: Pray for the countries of Burma, China, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan, where many children experience various forms of mistreatment on account of their faith, or the faith of their parents.

January 27: Government pressure is increasing in China where schools keep tabs on religious activities of students and teachers. The children of pastors and human rights defenders experience harassment and discrimination at school. Pray schools and universities would be places of learning and untainted by fear.

January 28: Thousands of Christian children worldwide face intimidation, humiliation and abuse at school because of their faith. Pray God moves in powerful ways to create a future where this no longer happens.

January 29: Pray for the safety of children and young people worldwide experiencing discrimination, verbal abuse, physical violence and even forced conversion at school because of their religion or belief.

January 30: Please pray for Christian children in northern Nigeria who are forced to adopt Muslim names to get into school. They are also barred from school, in attempts by local authorities to enforce religious conformity. No child should be punished for their faith.

January 31: Pray for countries worldwide where religious discrimination is occurring in schools. Pray leaders uphold their constitutional, national and international obligations to ensure the right to education and right to religious freedom without discrimination.


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