August 1: Dear God, we lift Egypt before You and pray for an end to every terrorist threat. Protect Your Church and human rights defenders who persist despite increasing pressure. Grant them courage to endure harassment and provision for all their needs.

August 2: Under Egyptian President Sisi there have been some advances in freedom of religion or belief for the Christian community. However, while receiving greater support from the president, discrimination and violence persist at the local level. Pray for peace between different religious communities.

August 3: Praise God, Christians in Egypt have seen some improvement with religious freedom, but attacks still occur and many endure daily discrimination. Pray these attacks are properly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

August 4: Praise God for the gains made by the Christian community in Egypt with regard to religious freedom and the recent legalization of 168 churches and buildings. Pray these churches would be a beacon of light to their local communities.

August 5: Many human rights defenders in Egypt still experience official harassment, including travel bans, questioning by authorities, and having their personal, family and organizational assets frozen. Pray for safety, provision and courage as they persist in their vital work.

August 6: Pray the Egyptian government would focus on assisting citizens who have been displaced by sectarian violence, rather than criminalizing those who speak up for them.

August 7: Please pray for CSW’s Middle East advocacy team as it responds to the changing landscape in Egypt. Lord, give them wisdom as they educate and advocate for religious freedom.

August 8: Dear Lord, please strengthen the faith of new believers in Egypt from Muslim backgrounds. Help them to be bold, brave and joyful as they live for Christ.

August 9: Pray for the grace of God to sustain the Egyptian Christian community in times of trial, granting them protection and peace.

August 10: Pray that the Egyptian Church would be salt and light to the nation and a bold witness for the love of God. Lord, please meet them at their deepest point of need as they serve You.

August 11: Pray for peace between different religions in the nation of Mexico. Communities are often split along religious lines, with majority Catholic communities using harsh measures to force Protestants to conform to the majority.

August 12: Pray for Christians in Mexico suffering discrimination, abuse and violence because of their faith. CSW's Latin America team documents these cases, offers support and solidarity to those affected and brings about real change through advocacy.

August 13: Pray for enforcement of Mexico’s constitution, which includes strong protections for freedom of religion or belief. Violations of this right take place across the country as local authorities attempt to enforce religious conformity.

August 14: Mexico is the most dangerous country in Latin America to be a Catholic priest. Pray for protection of Mexico’s religious leaders and better reporting of attacks against pastors.

August 15: In August 2019, Pastor Aarón Méndez Ruiz, director of a Christian migrant shelter in Mexico, blocked an attempt by a criminal group to kidnap Cuban asylum seekers from the shelter. He and his colleague, Alfredo Castillo de Luna, were kidnapped and forcibly disappeared. Pray for their safe return, and those responsible held accountable.

August 16: In parts of Mexico, Christians are threatened and sometimes killed by criminal groups demanding total support and cooperation. Churches are regularly targeted for extortion and attempts at money laundering. Pray for those who refuse to work with these criminals.

August 17: Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among the criminal groups in Mexico who attack religious leaders. Ask God to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and for a powerful transformation in Mexican society.

August 18: The number of violations of freedom of religion or belief across Mexico is rising with threats and attacks on religious leaders by criminal networks. Pray for protection of religious leaders and their families who are being threatened.

August 19: Pray for government officials in Mexico to proactively uphold religious freedom in areas where violations commonly occur. Mexico’s Law of Uses and Customs allows communities to self-govern. Pray for an end to impunity and corruption.

August 20: Lord God, we lift the nation of Mexico to You. We pray for harmony in multi-religious communities in Mexico. Embolden Your Church to be an instrument of peace.

August 21: Pray for the nation of China. Religious activity is kept under close watch with stringent controls of ideology through phone and internet networks. Restrictions and attacks on churches, pastors and ordinary Christians are not uncommon.

August 22: Christians' loyalty to God above all else has alarmed Chinese authorities. There's been a tightening of ideological controls and more restrictions on journalists and human rights lawyers since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013.

August 23: The Chinese government has placed severe restrictions on house churches, asked neighbors to spy on one another, and pressured teachers, professors and students to betray and sign a statement denouncing their own faith. Pray for Christians in China who are under constant surveillance.

August 24: There is a systematic, targeted campaign of harassment against all churches in China. Communist Party members in China are told Christianity is harmful to their country. Pray for CSW’s East Asia advocacy team seeking ways to engage on religious freedom issues.

August 25: Pray for believers in China facing high levels of persecution. The current crackdown on churches is described as the worst since the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The government is waging the severest suppression of Christianity since religious freedoms were granted by the Chinese constitution in 1982.

August 26: Persecuted Christians in China have asked the global church to pray this prayer for them, "God give us courage and strength to deal with this persecution. Help those in detention to be a good witness and not compromise, but instead know God is real and will protect them.”

August 27: Pray for the development of good relationships with other organizations and individuals working for religious freedom. Pray CSW can work together with them to improve life for Christians in China.

August 28: Please pray for comfort and strength to the suffering, persecuted believers in China. Pray that the hearts of oppressors are miraculously changed and they come to know the grace, mercy and love of God.

August 29: Pray for the Chinese government to acknowledge Christianity and allow Christians to be a positive part of a harmonious society. Pray God will give Chinese leaders and officials a new, positive view of Christianity.

August 30: Dear Lord, put compassion into the hearts of those in authority in China so they will be moved to act when they hear of injustice. Pray for the international community to hold China accountable for human rights violations.

August 31: Dear God, embolden Your Church in China. Bless and protect them as You guide them with Your strength. Comfort those living in fear, and give the church leaders wisdom and courage as they seek You to serve You.


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