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August 2017

August 1:  Lord, we lift up Cuba and all Christians in that country facing intense pressure and suffering because of their faith. Lord, watch over them and deliver justice to them for Your glory.

August 2:  There's more to the island country of Cuba than beaches and classic cars. Everyday life shows what its like to live under the oppressive rule of Cuba’s communist government. Pray for Christians enduring threats of eviction, imprisonment, beatings and unfair criminal charges.

August 3:  CSW is grateful for all the people we work with in Cuba. Their tireless dedication to religious freedom is an inspiration, especially as it is dangerous, often thankless work. Pray God grants them strength, courage, and protection.

August 4:  Churches continue to be targets of demolition and confiscation across Cuba. Often the church is also the church leader's home. Pray for churches at risk of being confiscated or demolished by the government.

August 5:  Several Cuban churches were demolished or seized by the government in 2016, especially churches belonging to the Apostolic Movement. Pray for protection of the remaining churches.

August 6:  Government officials demolished the Strong Winds Ministry Church in Las Tunas, Cuba in 2016 and threatened Rev. Mario Jorge Travieso with seven years imprisonment if he spoke publicly about the destruction of his church. Pray for safety for Rev. Travieso and his congregation.

August 7:  Many church leaders in Cuba are still being harassed for their beliefs and are even imprisoned in terrible conditions. Pray for God to guard and strengthen them and their families.

August 8:  Pray for Rev. Juan Carlos Núñez Velázquez, threatened with one year of house arrest after noise complaints were made against the church meeting in his back garden. Pray he won't face this harsh and groundless punishment.

August 9:  Rev. Juan Carlos Núñez Velázquez was ordered to leave his job as a church leader in Cuba and find work for the state or face going to prison. Pray for God's guidance as he considers his next move.

August 10:  Pray for Yiorvis Bravo Denis, a church leader in Cuba. Government agents have surrounded his home, which is also his church, threatening to evict him. Pray for Yiorvis to stay strong, and for peace and comfort for his family.

August 11:  Please pray for Yiorvis Bravo Denis. He’s currently battling the Cuban government for ownership of his home, which also serves as his church and the headquarters of the Apostolic Movement in Cuba.

August 12:  Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez is an activist and blogger from Cuba. Like her husband, Pastor Mario Felix Llleonart Barroso, Yoaxis is a determined advocate for human rights in Cuba, despite the very real risks this brings. Please pray for her safety.

August 13:  Pray for the Ladies in White, a group of wives and family of political prisoners in Cuba. They attend Sunday Mass dressed in white to symbolize peace, before walking silently through the streets. They are often imprisoned, beaten or put under house arrest.

August 14:  Pray for Christians in Cuba who live out their faith despite the risks from the government. Lord, protect them and fill them with courage. Give them safe places to worship and glorify You.

August 15:  Dear God, we pray for Your protection upon Christians suffering for their faith in Vietnam. We pray for Your power and comfort upon them to live boldly in the name of Jesus. May Your Church in Vietnam shine as a bright light of hope in this dark nation.

August 16:  Pray for all those who defend human rights in Vietnam, especially freedom of religion or belief. Pray God protects them as they go about their vital work. Pray for justice for those on trial because of their work defending religious freedom.

August 17:  Thank God for the incredible bravery of all human rights activists in Vietnam. Pray their efforts will not go unnoticed by the world and for safety as they carry out their vital work.

August 18:  Lord, we pray for Your Holy Spirit to comfort and protect those working for religious freedom in Vietnam. Please protect CSW’s partners and contacts within Vietnam, whose work often puts them at great risk.

August 19:  Ask God to give new Christians in Vietnam the courage they need to be strong in their faith, even when they are pressured to give it up. Pray for the Church to stand strong in unity.

August 20: Pray for families of new Christians in Vietnam who are encouraged by authorities to harass and pressure new believers to give up their faith. Pray for God’s peace and strength upon His children as they witness to loved ones.

August 21:  Pray for Christians in Vietnam to have safe opportunities to share their faith with family and friends. Dear Lord, open their hearts and minds to receive Your message of love and salvation.

August 22:  Praise God for courageous religious leaders inside Vietnam, drawing attention to human rights abuses. Pray for the families of imprisoned Christians, who often face financial and social difficulties.

August 23:  Thank God for the courage of Christian pastors and priests in Vietnam who continue to speak out for justice, despite the risks.  Pray for wisdom for CSW to really make a difference for Christians in Vietnam.

August 24:  Pray for Christians in Vietnam who are often regarded as enemies of the state because they obey God as a higher authority. Dear Lord, protect them in the face of intimidation and fear.

August 25:  Nguyen Van Dai, human rights lawyer in Vietnam, has been in prison since December 2015 on charges of “conducting propaganda against the state” under Article 88 of the Penal Code. Pray for Nguyen Van Dai's unconditional release.

August 26:  Vu Minh Khanh is the wife of Vietnamese human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai. Since his imprisonment, she’s been traveling and working tirelessly to raise his case. Pray God watches over her and gives her strength.

August 27:  Nguyen Van Dai was imprisoned along with his assistant, Le Thu Ha. Like Nguyen, she faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and is at risk of torture. Please pray for her unconditional release.

August 28:  Pray for Tran Thi Hong, a Vietnamese human rights activist and wife of pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh. She's been harassed and her son arrested, due to her family’s work defending human rights. Pray God secures justice for Tran Thi Hong and her family.

August 29:  In May 2016, activist Tran Thi Hong was arrested, interrogated and tortured, along with her 18-year-old son. Though she’s now free, Hong and her family remain at risk, as do all human rights activists in Vietnam. Pray for their safety.

August 30:  Almighty God, we ask You to work in the hearts of Vietnamese officials. Move them to repent of their injustice toward Christians and to act with compassion on their behalf.  Please encourage and set free those being unjustly accused and imprisoned for their faith in You.

August 31:  Dear God, protect and embolden Your Church in Vietnam. We pray You would bring justice and religious freedom in all cities and villages across Vietnam.