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October 1:  Please pray for the nation of Sudan. When South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011, it was hoped it would end years of ethnic and religiously-motivated strife, but the government continues to crack down on Christians.

October 2:  Pray the government of Sudan would respect freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Pray for pastors in Sudan, trying to lead and encourage their congregations in these difficult times.

October 3:  Almighty God, guide and protect Your Church in Sudan as it stands as a beacon of light in the darkness. We pray for all threats against churches and church leaders in Sudan to stop.

October 4:  Pray for unity and protection for churches in Sudan. Many have been given 24-hour notice that their buildings will be demolished and land confiscated. Lord, protect Your children as they face increased trials and persecution for their faith in You.

October 5:  The demolition of churches in Sudan is devastating because the government won’t issue any new licenses for churches to be built. Many Christians will have nowhere to worship. Please pray for safe places for them to gather and an end to this policy.

October 6:  The Sudanese government exerts pressure on churches by having church leaders report to local security services. This process, which can take all day, severely hinders church activities. Pray this intimidation ends.

October 7:  Please pray for Rafat Obid, the chair of the Sudan Evangelical Church’s lands and buildings committee. He’s been charged with impersonation, forgery and criminal misappropriation. This is a way for the government to interfere with the running of the business of the church.

October 8:  Pray for Christians in the cities of Khartoum and Omdurman in Sudan. Clergymen and church members have been arrested as part of a government policy of repression by harassment, intimidation, imprisonment and seizure or destruction of places of worship.

October 9:  Church leaders in Sudan are arrested and forced to report daily to security services. The parish work in some parts of Omdurman and Khartoum has been interrupted. Pray the harassment ends as Church leaders trust God to guide them through this difficult time.

October 10:  Christians in Sudan experience daily discrimination and government repression. Pray all citizens of Sudan, regardless of ethnicity or religion, can live in freedom with equal access to opportunities. Pray God touches the hearts of Sudanese leaders to bring powerful change.

October 11:  Many Sudanese Christians have faced the threat of their church being demolished. Pray for these congregations without a church and for the safety of churches that are under threat of demolition.

October 12:  Pray for CSW’s team in Africa as they work to bring cases of Christian persecution in Sudan to the attention of governments. Dear God, guide Your servants with Your wisdom to do Your work.

October 13:  Please pray for Sudanese refugees who have fled war and persecution. Pray God protects them on their journey and provides for them as they may find themselves in hostile or unfamiliar lands.

October 14:  Dear God, we lift the nation of Sudan to You in prayer. Protect Your Church in Sudan, facing harassment and intimidation on so many fronts. Bless pastors with courage and protection and their congregations with safety and peace.

October 15:  Lord, we pray for the nation of Pakistan. Bring Your peace and comfort to those mourning loved ones following recent series of attacks. Please strengthen and uphold those working to bring peace.

October 16:  There have been several recent attacks in Pakistan, and the country is on high alert. Please pray for God’s peace to settle on the country and healing for those impacted by violence.

October 17:  Despite the many dangers in Pakistan, CSW and its partners are actively working to spread peace and improve everyday life for religious and ethnic minorities. Pray for all those working for human rights in Pakistan.

October 18:  Pray for children in Pakistan who are often taught curriculum in school that is biased against religious minorities. This teaches communities to be divided against each other from a very early age. Pray for an unbiased education for children in Pakistan.

October 19:  Schoolchildren in Pakistan are often taught a curriculum that is biased toward promoting Islam, denigrating other religions and promoting ideology instead of facts. Pray this curriculum is changed so children don’t grow up learning to hate people from other faiths.

October 20: Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan are often abducted by Muslim men and forcibly converted and married against their will. Pray they are reunited with their families and legislation is enforced by police and courts to stop this cruel practice.

October 21:  Pray for Michelle Chaudhry, a key CSW partner in Pakistan, as she goes about her vital work promoting and protecting religious and ethnic minority rights. CSW has worked in Pakistan for over 25 years alongside partners such as Chaudhry, founder of the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation.

October 22:  Pray for Michelle Chaudhry and Cecil Chaudhry Jr, an inspiring brother and sister team working to improve life for Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan.

October 23:  Please pray for the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation, which seeks to help minorities in Pakistan and promote interfaith harmony. Pray God provides needed resources for this vital work.

October 24:  Pakistan has extremely restrictive, vaguely defined blasphemy laws, which means that they are often used by Muslims to settle personal scores. Please pray for the laws to be amended or repealed.

October 25:  Pray for all Christians falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan that God would empower and uphold them. Pray also for the reform and repeal of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws.

October 26:  Please pray for Asia Noreen, also known as Asia Bibi, a Christian in Pakistan facing the death penalty after being falsely accused of blasphemy. She’s a mother of five and has been on death row since 2009. Her appeal hearing has been repeatedly delayed. She’s still awaiting a date for her final appeal.

October 27:  Pray for the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, working on the frontlines in Pakistan. Pray for guidance and wisdom as they protect and rescue minority faith victims from abuse and injustice.

October 28:  Ask God to bring His justice to the Pakistani justice system. Pray for changed hearts and minds of those in authority, and all those who spread messages of hate and religious intolerance.

October 29:  Extremism in Pakistan is rising, but many are boldly speaking up in the face of a hostile, dangerous environment. Pray for this young generation of religious freedom activists that is rising up.

October 30:  Religion is connected to national identity in Pakistan, so Christians are often a target for violence, discrimination and harassment. Pray for safety and courage for Christians in Pakistan who often live in fear of their lives.

October 31:  Almighty God, we lift the nation of Pakistan to You. Protect the religious freedom defenders who are bringing hope to so many facing difficulties and dangers. Grant them wisdom and courage as they do Your work.