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JULY 2017

 July 1:  Pray for millions of persecuted Christians around the world who are unable to live their faith freely, without fear. Lord, give them courage and strength to triumph over the trials they face.

July 2:  Almighty God, we pray for persecuted Christians who are imprisoned in lonely, solitary confinement and are unable to fellowship with other Christians. Be their comfort, joy and strength.

July 3:  Lord Jesus, Light of the World, we pray for Christians worldwide living through the darkness of oppression, injustice and persecution. Be their guiding Light.

July 4:  Praise God for the freedom we still have in the United States to speak out against injustice and religious persecution. Dear Lord, help us to make the most of every opportunity to use our voices to secure religious freedom for the voiceless.

July 5:  Thank You Lord for the blessing we have in the United States to attend church in peace, and freedom to worship without fear. We pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have this freedom. Encourage and assure them of our prayers.

July 6:  Dear Lord, we pray for continued favor upon CSW with journalists, so that the voices of persecuted Christians are heard. We give thanks for journalists and media that cover religious freedom issues.

July 7:  Praise God for politicians and other decision-makers around the world who support religious freedom. Thank God for the support of those working with CSW to end persecution and oppression.

July 8:  In many countries where CSW works, the rule of law isn’t a given, so the progression from arrest to trial to verdict isn’t as straightforward as expected. Pray God works in mighty ways to bring about justice and a fair legal process for all.

July 9:  "And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night?  Will He keep putting them off?  I tell you, He will see that they get justice, and quickly." Luke 18:7-8. Pray this verse over those who are awaiting trial.

July 10:  Lord, we pray for Christians who are crying out for justice. Watch over them and assure them of Your perfect justice, love and power. Thank You Lord that Your passion for justice burns strong and eternal.

July 11:  We pray for Christians who are stuck in limbo of being permanently on trial. Grant them justice and give them, their families and their legal teams courage, perseverance and hope.

July 12:  In many countries Christians are arrested on false charges and face trials that don't follow international fair trial principles. They can be denied access to lawyers and face discrimination in the legal process. Pray for justice and fair trials.

July 13:  Pray for CSW partners worldwide who often work in difficult, dangerous circumstances at great risk to themselves. They are courageous in their work for religious freedom in their countries.

July14:  Pray for those who bravely protest and risk their own safety to pursue religious freedom and justice. May God guide them with His wisdom and bless their efforts for His glory.

July 15:  Dear Lord, we lift up the nation of Nigeria to You. We pray for protection against perpetrators of violence and terrorism. Bring peace over Nigeria, healing all victims of terrorism and their families.

July 16:  Pray for Rev. Yunusa Nmadu of CSW Nigeria. He leads a church in one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian, northern Nigeria. Churches and Christian communities are regularly attacked by gunmen or suicide bombers.

July 17: Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Rev. Yunusa Nmadu, Chief Executive of CSW Nigeria, and for the CSW Nigeria team working to be a voice for the voiceless. Pray God gives clear vision for the development of CSW Nigeria and meets their financial needs.

July 18:  Please pray for CSW Nigeria, working to promote a peaceful and just society by encouraging religious liberty. Pray for its partnership with the Christian Association of Nigeria which represents most of the Christian denominations in Nigeria.

July 19:  Ask God to bless the work of CSW Nigeria as Rev. Yunusa and his team work with Christians suffering because of their faith, and to protect every member of the team.

July 20:  Pray for all those involved in interfaith cooperation in Nigeria. May their efforts be effective in ending violence and reprisals. Pray for CSW and our Nigerian partners working for peace, reconciliation and religious freedom.

July 21:   Pray for safety and strength to endure extremely harsh circumstances.

July 22:  Pray for the families of at least 12 people who were killed and many more injured when Fulani militiamen recently attacked Asso Village in Kaduna State in central Nigeria during Easter services.

July23:  Attacks on Christians by armed herdsmen are a constant threat in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Pray the Nigerian government addresses this crisis and brings justice to the victims.

July 24:  Please pray for CSW partner, CSW Nigeria. Pray God provides them with the funds and support they need to carry out their vital work. Pray for peace in Kaduna State, where CSW Nigeria team is based.

July 25:  Islamist terror groups in Nigeria have recently reaffirmed their intention to target Christians as well as government officials. Please pray Christians are able to worship peacefully, without fear.

July 26:  Pray for media reports concerning religious persecution in Nigeria to accurately shape the international debate. Pray for opportunities that would encourage the international community to take decisive action for peace.

July 27:   Please pray for the five million people in Nigeria who have been displaced by religiously motivated violence. Pray they find safety and shelter as they flee.

July 28:  Ask God to change the hearts and minds of leaders and members in the terrorist group Boko Haram and the Fulani herders so they will embrace peace. Pray for spiritual revival over Nigeria.

July 29:  Pray God would place His hand of protection over Christians in northern and central Nigeria. Pray He would surround His people as they travel to and from church.

July 30:  Ask for God’s mercy upon Nigeria. Pray for wisdom for its leaders so the nation can unite against an enemy which threatens its very existence. Pray for peace among Muslims and Christians.

July 31:  Dear Lord, we pray for Your Church in Nigeria. Protect, strengthen and guide it. Comfort all those who've lost loved ones and who live in daily fear. Give church leaders wisdom and courage to bring justice and peace to the nation.