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JUNE 2017

June 1:  Dear Lord, we pray for Bangladesh and ask You to work in the hearts of government officials. Give them strategies to protect victims of violence and religious discrimination who speak out against injustice.

June 2:  Radical, extremist views against Christians have infiltrated every aspect of society in Bangladesh. A strong, proactive government response is needed to tackle extremism at its roots. Pray the government would strengthen police and security services to root out extremism.

June 3:  Bangladesh is seeing increasing incidences of hate speech against Christians, often taking the form of religious leaders trying to stir up their followers to hatred and violence. Pray God would move mightily through Bangladesh to make religious freedom a reality.

June 4:  Fear has become a daily part of life for many people in Bangladesh. Pray for safety of Christian communities living in fear of attack and for Christian pastors living under threat.

June 5:  Christian leaders in Bangladesh are being targeted by violent extremists. Pray the CSW advocacy team would be blessed with inspiration for what we call “Holy Spirit strategies” for Bangladesh.

June 6:  There is a mistrust of police in Bangladesh, which heightens people’s fears. Leaders of Christian communities in Bangladesh are targeted by violent extremists. Pray local officials take practical steps to address internal corruption, ensure equality of treatment and restore trust in the justice system.

June 7:  Pray for CSW’s partners in Bangladesh who are working to uphold the religious rights of Christians. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to spread peace across Bangladesh.

June 8:  Please pray for the nation of Mexico. Religious freedom violations are rising all across Mexico, with regular occurrences in some areas, ranging from school exclusion, to violence and forced displacement.

June 9:  Thank God for organizations like Impulso 18, which are working to raise awareness of the religious freedom violations in Mexico.  Pray for safety and God’s wisdom.

June 10:  Ask God to protect Christians in Mexico who are living under threat of violence because of their faith. They endure water and electricity being cut off, their children blocked from attending school, and often face violent attacks and eviction from their villages.

June 11:  Thank God for the recent unprecedented visit to Mexico by the United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. Pray for him to raise the religious freedom issues in Mexico.

June 12:  Pray for encouragement and provision for victims of religious freedom violations in Mexico, especially those who have been forcibly displaced and have lost everything.

June 13:  Please pray that Christians in Mexico who have been forced out of their villages because of their faith would be allowed to return home safely. Ask God to bring harmony and reconciliation in communities divided by tensions between different religious groups.

June 14:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among the criminal groups who attack religious leaders. Ask God to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and for a powerful transformation in Mexican society.

June 15:  Please pray God works in the hearts and minds of the leaders of criminal groups in Mexico to bring them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

June 16:  Pray for Mexican church leaders working in areas where powerful criminal groups are present. Pray for their safety and wisdom when they are forced to make difficult decisions.

June 17:  Pray for God’s protection upon Mexican church leaders and their families, who are under threat from illegal criminal groups. Give them wisdom and discernment as they lead under difficult, dangerous conditions.

June 18:  Pray for the Mexican government to take action to protect religious freedom and bring an end to impunity for those who commit criminal acts targeting religious minorities.

June 19:  For many years religious freedom violations in Mexico have been on the rise. Pray for religious leaders who have spoken out about the religious freedom violations they face, often risking arrest.

June 20:  Pray for harmony and reconciliation among the various Christian denominations in Mexico as they face increasing religious freedom violations.

June 21:  Pray for respect and cooperation between members of majority and minority religious groups at every level in Mexico.  Dear Lord, we pray for Your wisdom and guidance upon Your servants to do Your will.

June 22:  Please pray that God would pour out His peace across the nation of Colombia. It has one of the highest rates of disappearances and killings in the world.

June 23:  Pray for Christians being persecuted in many indigenous communities in Colombia. Traditional religious authorities in these communities close down religious buildings such as churches and try to force Christians to convert back to traditional beliefs.

June 24:  Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a church leader. Dozens of church leaders are assassinated each year in connection with their faith. Please pray for safety and peace for them and their families.

June 25:  Dear God, strengthen the hearts of Christians facing persecution in Colombia. Empower them with Your boldness and courage. Soften the hearts of their enemies to receive Your transforming love.

June 26:  Please pray for the Church in Colombia. Dear Lord, keep them strong, knowing their perseverance is not in vain. Give them hope and help them to fix their eyes not on what is seen, but on You.

June 27:  Pray for churches, church leaders and new Christians in Colombia, who are regular targets for violence. Christians face having religious conformity forced upon them or a worse fate of imprisonment, death or extradition.

June 28:  Thank God for the courageous Christians in Colombia. Pray that the hope of Christ dwelling in their hearts will be a source of strength in the face of persecution.

June 29:  In 2016, the Colombian government and the guerrilla groups signed a historic peace agreement to end the country’s 52-year civil war. However, in a recent public vote, Colombians rejected the peace deal. Pray for peace across Colombia and for unity as all those involved work out the next steps.

June 30:  Please pray for lasting peace in Colombia, which has been torn apart by civil war between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the National Liberation Army, paramilitary groups and government forces for 52 years.