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February 2017

February 1:  Almighty God, we ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit upon the nation of China. We pray for the Chinese government to acknowledge and allow Christians to be a positive part of the harmonious society it aims to build.

February 2:  Lord, we bring the nation of China to You in prayer. Thank You for the bravery of its human rights defenders. We pray You would protect all those living in fear of the consequences of living out their faith.

February 3:  There was a severe crackdown on human rights defenders in China in 2016. Over 300 lawyers, their friends, families and associates were arrested or disappeared. Some of the lawyers have been released on bail, but they're facing harassment from the government. Pray for their protection.

February 4:  Pray for the 236 human rights lawyers/activists, their staff and family members that have been detained, questioned or forcibly disappeared in China. Their only crime was attempting to protect the rights of Chinese citizens.

February 5:  Please pray for courage and protection for human rights lawyers who still operate in China, despite government harassment. Pray for a change in the government’s attitude toward human rights, particularly freedom of religion or belief.

February 6:  Almighty God, we pray for Your protection upon all Christian human rights lawyers in China as they face great threats for their work defending religious freedom. Empower them with Your wisdom and strength as they persevere against injustice and persecution.

February 7:  Pray for Christians in China, who have been the focus of a government crackdown. Since 2014, the government has increasingly been removing crosses from church buildings, demolishing churches, and detaining church leaders.

February 8:  Pray for safety of church leaders and congregations in Zhejiang province in China, which has seen crosses torn down on 100s of churches. Christians were injured and arrested in these incidents. It’s part of a government campaign targeting Christians.

February 9:  In June, the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission released a report on the crackdown on human rights in China. CSW provided evidence to the inquiry that led to this report. Pray this report raises awareness of the human rights situation in China.

February 10:  Pray for safety of unregistered house churches in China against corrupt regional authorities. Pray for the Chinese authorities to discover God’s Love and stop persecuting and intimidating Christians.

February 11:  Pray for protection upon the leaders of unofficial churches in China and members who boldly stand up for their faith. Lord, put compassion into the hearts of those in authority in China that they would work against injustice.

February 12: Lord, we pray for Chinese government leaders. Through Your power, open their eyes and allow them to see the truth. Pray for God’s power to stop the Chinese government from closing underground house churches.

February 13:  Please pray for CSW’s team as it develops advocacy and education strategies to best promote religious freedom in China. Pray for all those undergoing re-education and imprisonment under this government. Lord, may their hearts and minds remain strong in You.

February 14:  Almighty God, we pray for the Chinese House Church Alliance, a large umbrella organization for 1,000s of house churches across China. We pray for protection upon the leaders, pastors and congregations.

February 15:  North Korea is a country that desperately needs our prayers. It remains the most isolated, repressive, and closed off regime in the world, with one of the worst records for human rights.

February 16:  North Korea is ruled by a dictatorship which portrays itself as a deity, demanding complete obedience from its citizens. Pray that this dictatorship would be replaced by democracy and freedom.

February 17:  Almighty God, we pray for the leadership in North Korea to see the horror of their actions.  We pray particularly for God's love to transform Kim Jong-Un's heart that he would use his influence for good rather than evil.

February 18:  Dear God, we pray for North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Open his heart and give him compassion for all his people so that he will lead with justice and mercy.

February 19:  There is no religious freedom in North Korea, and religious believers face severe persecution. Many Christians keep their faith hidden, meeting secretly in small groups. Pray that one day soon there will be religious freedom throughout North Korea.

February 20:  Please pray for Christians in North Korea. The regime considers the spread of Christianity a particularly severe threat. Severe punishments are inflicted on people caught "practicing Christianity."

February 21:  Pray for Christians in North Korea, who must keep their faith secret. Documented incidents of persecution include Christians being hung on a cross over fire, crushed under a steamroller, herded off bridges and trampled under-foot.

February 22:  A recent UN Commission of Inquiry on North Korea concluded that the North Korean regime has committed crimes against humanity against the North Korean people. Please pray the recommendations of the Inquiry would be swiftly put into action.

February 23:  Thousands of innocent North Korean citizens are in prison camps across the country, enduring horrific conditions. Pray North Korea would end its use of abusive and violent political prison camps.

February 24:  Pray for the Chinese government to engage constructively with North Korea to bring about democratic change. Please pray China stops returning North Korean refugees to face the regime they fled.

February 25:  Chinese authorities refuse to acknowledge that North Korean refugees will be subjected to torture, detention and execution if they are forced back to North Korea. Pray for safety of North Korean refugees.

February 26:  Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for those working with the international community to bring about freedom and justice in North Korea.

February 27:  Pray for God's light to shine on North Korea, the darkest corner of the globe, and for the international community to act. Pray China ceases its policy of forcible repatriation of North Korean refugees, which is tantamount to a death sentence.

February 28:  Dear God, though it seems that change in North Korea is impossible, we know that You are able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine. Move powerfully in North Korea and bring freedom and peace for all its people.