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january 2018

January 1:  Please pray for God’s blessing and guidance for CSW’s work in 2018.  Pray God’s wisdom leads CSW’s Advocacy Team Leaders as they develop effective advocacy strategies for their regions in 2018.

January 2:  Pray for CSW staff to build strong, affirming relationships with the people they meet on country visits. Pray for the CSW advocacy team as it prepares for assignments in 2018.

January 3:  As CSW continues to be a voice for the voiceless in 2018; pray God directs and grows His work through us. Praise God for partners and supporters of CSW, speaking up for Christians persecuted for their faith.

January 4:  Pray for God’s guidance in all of CSW's plans, so we can be an effective voice for the voiceless and a strong voice for religious freedom in 2018.

January 5:  Pray for CSW’s work in 2018 and for God's strength upon each staff member in their different roles. Pray God equips them with every gift and skill they need.

January 6:  Dear God, we pray for the nation of Egypt. Protect and encourage all those who are targets of violence and discrimination. Grant the Egyptian government wisdom in its strategy to tackle terrorist violence.

January 7:  Today is Coptic Christmas. Pray Coptic Christians are able to gather in churches and celebrate in peace, and that any attempt to harm them would fail.  Egypt’s Christian community continues to be a primary target for Islamist terror attacks.

January 8:  The Coptic community in Egypt is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, but they face daily harassment and intimidation just because of their faith. Pray God would grant them protection and peace.

January 9:  Though Egypt’s President al-Sisi has made signs of reconciliation toward the Christian community; the reality for most of Egyptian Christians can be very different. Please pray for them as the nation struggles to address the terrorist threat.

January 10:  Pray for the government of Egypt to comprehensively address the hindrances to the fulfillment of the constitutional stipulation that freedom of belief is absolute.

January 11:  In May 2017, dozens of people were killed and injured when gunmen opened fire on three buses in Egypt, carrying Coptic families and school children. Please pray for the survivors and the families of those killed.

January 12:  The May bus attacks in Egypt are linked to the terrorist group, Daesh (Islamic State). Please pray God would protect Copts from further attacks and frustrate the violent, evil plans of Daesh.

January 13:  Please pray the Egyptian Church would be a living witness for God and a bold light for His love.  Dear God, please meet Your children at their deepest point of need as they live for You.

January 14:  Lord, we lift the nation of Egypt to You. Stem the rising number of attacks on Christians and make Egypt a nation where all citizens are treated equally, regardless of their religion.

January 15:  Please pray for the country of Nepal, which has seen more religious freedom restrictions recently. Pray Nepal's restrictive laws are changed so its people can choose or change their faith without fear.

January 16:  Ask God to bring an end to the impunity and lack of accountability that is widespread across Nepal. Pray for Nepal’s President, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, to have wisdom to lead with integrity and justice.

January 17: Dear Lord, we pray Your Holy Spirit moves in the hearts and minds of the leaders and policy makers in Nepal to bring religious freedom.

January 18:  Pray for safety of Christians in Nepal as it becomes harder for them to practice their faith freely. Pray Nepal’s leaders would champion equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of their faith.

January 19:  A Criminal Code Bill, which includes clauses that criminalize religious conversion and the "hurting of religious sentiment," was signed into law in October by Nepali President Bidhya Devi Bhandari. Pray for religious freedom in Nepal.

January 20:  The Nepali parliament recently passed legislation criminalizing religious conversion. Please pray this very concerning new legislation will be repealed or amended.

January 21:  The Nepali government recently took a regressive step as the anti-conversion law severely restricts freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief in Nepal. Pray Nepal's president and other policy makers amend this unjust law.

January 22:  Article 26 (3) of Nepal's constitution restricts religious conversion and the free expression of one's faith. Pray for safety of Christians in Nepal.

January 23:  Pray for the Nepali government to repeal unjust anti-conversion law and amend Article 26 (3) of the constitution. Both curtail freedom of religion or belief and undermine Nepal's commitments under international law.

January 24:  Pray for religious freedom in Nepal. Article 26(3) of the Nepali constitution is used to fuel religious tension and target religious minorities, as seen in the case of eight Christians in Charikot, charged with forcible conversion after distributing Christian comic booklets.

January 25:  Pray for Pastor Tanka Subedi, founding member and chair of Dharmik  Chautari Nepal and Religious Liberty Forum Nepal (RLF). He has worked for human rights in Nepal for many years, recently helping release eight Nepali Christians in Charikot on trial for giving out comic books about Jesus in school.

January 26:  Religious extremism is a real threat in Nepal. Pray for Christians endangered by the culture of impunity; where people believe they can commit crimes without punishment.

January 27:   Thank God for the interfaith work between Christian leaders in Nepal. Dear God, strengthen the Nepali Church to be a witness for Your glory.

January 28:  CSW's long history of work in Nepal uniquely places it to respond to challenges in the country. Thank God for the opportunities CSW has had and pray for God's guidance in the future.

January 29:  Pray for safety and strength for new Christians in Nepal who are often intimidated and harassed. Lord, encourage them as they grow in their faith.

January 30:  Ask God to protect new Christians in Nepal.  Pray activists in Nepal can work together against problematic legislation. Pray for increased collaboration between human rights defenders.

January 31:  Almighty God, we lift Nepal to You. Pour out Your spirit of peace wherever there is unrest, to stop tension from leading to violence. Protect those doing courageous work for human rights.