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september 2017

September 1:  Almighty God, we pray for Your power and love to change the hearts of those in authority in North Korea. North Korea is the most repressive, infamously brutal and closed off regime in the world. Sometimes it can seem that praying for change in North Korea is impossible, but nothing is impossible with God.

September 2:  In April, CSW received UN accreditation after eight years of campaigning. Praise God for this blessing that will benefit CSW's work for freedom of religion or belief at the UN and worldwide. Pray for wisdom.

September 3:  Pray the UN holds the North Korean government accountable for crimes against humanity. CSW recently joined other human rights groups supporting two new UN reports into North Korea. Pray these reports have significant impact for country’s future to open up so justice, peace and freedom will reign.

September 4:  In 2016, the BBC set up a Korean language service. This could be a vital window into life beyond the regime for many North Koreans. Please pray the BBC Korean service reaches many North Koreans and increases awareness about human rights.

September 5:  Christians in North Korea suffer many punishments when their faith is discovered, including torture, being burned to death or being hung on crosses. Please pray for effective measures to be put in place to end this horrific brutality.

September 6:  Many Christians in North Korea end up in political prison camps known as kwanliso. Conditions in these camps are utterly appalling. Pray these camps are dismantled and freedom given to those who've committed no crimes but found "guilty by association."

September 7:  Pray God would work a miracle in the heart of North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un and all North Korean leadership, to bring complete transformation to the evil, cruel regime. Pray for the North Korean people to be set free from the brutality that is a daily reality.

September 8:  Independence Day in North Korea is September 9, marking the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Pray for God's power and love to change the hearts of those in authority in North Korea, and that spiritual revival will transform North Korea, a country of 25 million.

September 9:  Almighty God, on this anniversary of North Korea’s founding, we pray Your power moves within this suffering country. Hold the government accountable for its shocking treatment of its own people, and protect Your children facing terrible repression.

September 10:  North Korea needs our prayers now more than ever.Pray for God's light to shine in North Korea, the darkest corner of the globe. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for those working to bring peace, freedom and justice.

September 11:  As a result of strict searches in North Korea, many Christians have been discovered, arrested, tortured and/or killed. Despite this, and the lack of freedom to worship, many take the risk of sharing their faith and the Church is growing. Pray for protection over the Church in North Korea.

September 12:  Pray for North Korean citizens who must give unswerving obedience to the regime. Those who dissent face severe punishment, including imprisonment in labor camps. This, along with chronic food shortages, forces many to flee the country, despite the grave perils which face them if caught.

September 13:  We pray for all who are oppressed in North Korea; the starving, those forced to witness or perform unimaginable horrors and those suffering brutality.  Merciful God, we pray for freedom and peace for the people of North Korea.

September 14:  Ask God to strengthen the hearts of Christians in North Korea, as they hold to their faith among continuous threats. Pray for North Korean refugees who flee into China that they would find safe shelter and refuge.

September 15:  All powerful God, we lift up to You the nation of China. We pray the Chinese government would uphold and protect religious freedom so our brothers and sisters in Christ can freely worship You.

September 16:  Religious freedom has declined in China over the past year as authorities seek to bring organizations under state control or force them to disband altogether. Pray the Chinese government respects the right to freedom of religion or belief.

September 17: In 2015, the Chinese government began a mass crackdown of arrests and harassment of human rights defenders. Since then, hundreds of lawyers and their family members and colleagues have been detained or “disappeared” because of their work defending human rights including religious freedom. Pray for justice and freedom.

September 18:  Hundreds of churches in Zhejiang province have seen their crosses torn down as part of a local government campaign against “illegal buildings,” a campaign targeting Christians who are often injured or arrested in these incidents. Pray for safety for the congregations of Zhejiang.

September 19:  Pray for Bob Fu, one of CSW’s long-standing partners in China. Along with his organization, China Aid, he works tirelessly to promote human rights in China, including the right to freedom of religion or belief.

September20:  Pray for Bob Fu as he advocates on behalf of Christians who are suffering in China because of their faith. Pray God would bless him with wisdom and perseverance in his work.

September 21:  China Aid is in touch with many of the lawyers who are being targeted by the Chinese government because of their work defending human rights. Pray God protects these lawyers in this difficult, dangerous time.

September 22:  Praise God for the work of Bob Fu and China Aid. Lord, please meet their needs, and bless them with great endurance and safety as they continue to work for Your people in China.

September 23:  Living Stone Church in China has chosen not to register with the official organization for Protestant churches. The Chinese government is trying to force them to close, and their pastor, Pastor Yang Hua, was detained in 2015. Pray God protects Living Stone Church and gives them courage in the face of intimidation.

September 24:  Pray for Living Stone Church, a community of Christians in China who are experiencing extremely severe harassment from the government. Several church members have been targeted, and the government has tried to force Living Stone to close.

September 25:  Please pray for Pastor Yang Hua, who led Living Stone Church in China until he was arrested in early 2016 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. His lawyers informed CSW that he was "on the verge of paralysis" as a result of being mistreated. Pray for Pastor Yang’s wife, Wang Hongwu, who is also being harassed.

September 26:  Pray for Wang Yao, the friend of a Living Stone Church member, who has been tried for illegally acquiring and disseminating state secrets in connection to the case.  Pray for protection of Living Stone Church and its members.

September 27:   Pray for Zhang Xiuhong, a deacon at Living Stone Church and the church’s accountant. She was falsely arrested in 2015 for "financial crimes" and sentenced to five years in prison. She has two children, the youngest just three years old, and she also takes care of her elderly mother.

September 28:  Zhang Xiuhong, former deacon of Living Stone Church, was released Aug. 7 after over two years in detention. Although Zhang was released, she's under restrictions for the duration of her five-year sentence. She can't travel freely and must report to police every week. Pray for complete and unconditional freedom.

September 29:  Pray for the Chinese authorities to allow Living Stone Church to gather for peaceful worship and to carry out other religious activities in line with Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

September 30:  Loving God, protect and comfort Christians in China suffering for their faith in Jesus. Give them Your perfect peace that passes all understanding and let them know You are with them through everything.