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November 1:  Pray God empowers and encourages His Church around the world, especially where they face harassment, discrimination and persecution. Thank God for the power of prayer to change seemingly hopeless situations of persecution.

November 2:  Dear Lord, You intend for Your Church to be a place of shelter and safety. Embolden Your churches to show Your love to the world through practical action. Help Your Church to stand in unity worldwide.

November 3:  Pray for every church in the U.S. to fervently pray for Christians persecuted for their faith, and raise awareness of the suffering of Christians around the world.

November 4:  Please pray for the worldwide Church to support all those facing persecution because of their faith in Jesus. More people have died for their Christian faith in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined.

November 5:  Today is the U.S. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Please lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Since 1996, churches around the world have united in prayer for the millions of Christians suffering harassment, torture, imprisonment and even death for their faith.

November 6:  Praise God for over half a million churches in 150 countries taking part in IDOP for the Persecuted Church in November. Pray for millions of Christians around the world suffering for their faith.

November 7:  Thank God for the unity of His Church around the world. Pray God will do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine in countries where the Church is under heavy persecution.

November 8:  Pray that all governments worldwide would acknowledge the importance of religious freedom. Pray foreign policy decisions and actions would be influenced by these guidelines.

November 9:  Give thanks for growing global coverage of religious freedom issues. Thank God for CSW’s good relationships with politicians of all parties and for their willingness to highlight religious freedom violations.

November 10:  Pray that politicians and decision makers from various countries would join forces for long-term changes to bring peace, stability and religious freedom to troubled regions around the world.

November 11:  Ask God to give wisdom and discernment to policymakers around the world who deal with religion-related terrorism.

November 12:  Please pray for the safety of many religious leaders around the world whose work has led to them receiving death threats. Pray for protection of their families.

November 13:  Pray for all Christian leaders who serve in areas of extreme danger and persecution. Pray God would protect and strengthen them and their families as they shine as lights in the darkness.

November 14:  Pray God would open more doors for religious leaders around the world to have effective conversations and agreements for peace in their countries.

November 15:  Loving God, we thank You that we can find refuge in You, even if we are forsaken by our friends, family and/or society. We pray for those who have fled their homes and countries because of religious persecution. Please shield them from harm and be their stronghold.

November 16:  Almighty God, You alone are worthy of all praise and adoration. We thank You for who You are. You have never forgotten Your people and You are in control. You bring deliverance and justice in Jesus' name, for Your glory.

November 17: Thank you Lord, for Your Holy Spirit's encouragement and peace. Strengthen the brave hearts of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep dangers far away from them and shelter them under Your wing.

November 18:  Give thanks for church leaders who speak up for religious freedom and justice. Pray God would embolden and protect them as they fight for religious freedom, often at great risk.

November 19:  Lord, we are thankful for the freedom to worship You without fear. Comfort persecuted Christians with assurance of the loving prayer support of thousands of Christians around the world.

November 20:  Almighty God, we thank You for Your gifts of love, wisdom and faith to church leaders around the world as they lead their churches in the face of persecution.

November 21:  Thank God for the safety and security with which He has blessed you. Lord, please show us ways we can stand in solidarity with those living in fear for their lives because of their faith in You.

November 22:  Today is Red Wednesday, when churches and public buildings worldwide will light up in red as a sign of solidarity with persecuted Christians, standing in solidarity with the persecuted Church globally. Pray for global awareness of Christian persecution.

November 23:  Praise God on this day of Thanksgiving. Thank You Lord, for Your provision and constant, loving care. We lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ into Your strong, sheltering arms.

November 24:  Lord, we thank You for breaking through situations of injustice and suffering with the shining light of Your hope. We pray You would continue to use CSW to bring Your hope to the Persecuted Church.

November 25:  Pray God gives wisdom to the CSW Communications Team as it works to educate and raise awareness of persecution. Thank God for helping CSW to earn the respect of international media agencies, politicians and institutions.

November 26:  Praise God for organizations that work tirelessly against religious freedom violations. Pray that perpetrators would be fully investigated and brought to justice.

November 27:   Please pray for CSW's partners, advocating for freedom of religion or belief, often in the face of daily opposition. Pray God would bless this work for His glory.

November 28:  Lord, we are thankful that You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Intervene in all situations against Your Church, and may Your love and truth replace all ignorance and hatred.

November 29:  Thank you God for Your righteousness and justice. We pray You would bring justice, peace and freedom to Your persecuted children worldwide.

November 30:  Lord, we pray for Christians crying out for justice will receive Your perfect justice, love and power. Thank You Lord, that Your passion for justice burns strong and eternal.