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MAY 2017

May 1:  Almighty God, we lift up the nation of Egypt into Your loving hands. Protect and strengthen Your Church in Egypt against the persecution and violence. We pray for safety of Christian communities during this turbulent time.

May 2:  Pray for protection of Christians in Egypt after the recent Palm Sunday bombings inside St George’s Church in the city of Tanta, (27 killed and 78 wounded), and outside St Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, (17 killed and 48 injured).

May 3:  The brutal Palm Sunday bombings in Egypt show the need for added vigilance and security to protect Christian communities and churches during holidays. Pray for the accountability of all sectarian attacks and justice for targeted communities throughout Egypt.

May 4:  The callous attacks on worshippers in Egypt during Holy week are senseless and heartless. Pray for those who lost loved ones in the attacks, including the families and friends of the security agents, who lost their lives in the call of duty.

May 5:  Please pray for peace as Egypt heals from the recent Palm Sunday bombing attacks. There are increasing tensions in Egypt, as attacks on Coptic Christians are happening with increasing regularity.

May 6:  Pray for the families of the security services who attempted to foil the second bombing in Alexandria but lost their lives.The attacks targeted the Christian community during Palm Sunday services, a time of maximum church attendance.

May 7:  Christians in Egypt continue to face daily threats. Pray for Coptic Christians in Upper Egypt who were forced from their homes and endure intimidation and harassment.

May 8:  Please pray for Christian communities and churches in Egypt living with daily threats of attacks. Pray for those being persecuted, to be given grace and strength to pray for their persecutors.

May 9:  Pray there will be freedom and truth in the Egyptian state media so that everyone will be given a fair voice. Pray for interfaith cooperation and unity across religious groups in Egypt.

May 10:  Dear God, we pray for the nation of Egypt with its rich history. We pray for an end to sectarian attacks and a healing of societal divisions.  Lord, defeat terrorism so Christians can worship freely, without fear.

May 11:  Even a rumor that a new church is being built can spark a mob attack in Egypt. 2016 saw a spike in these incidents, particularly in Upper Egypt. Pray for Christian communities to be protected from such attacks and the hatred behind them.

May 12:  Lord, we lift our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ into Your precious care, knowing that You will be their fortress, comfort and shield in the face of violence and discrimination.

May 13:  Egypt has 10 million Christians and a Muslim majority of 70 million. Pray for the faith of new believers from Muslim backgrounds to be strengthened. Lord, help them to be brave and joyful as they live for Christ.

May14:  Lord Jesus, we pray for Your Church in Egypt. We pray for protection upon our brave brothers and sisters as they stand strong in their faith for Your glory.

May15:  Please pray for the nation of Syria, which has long suffered under political repression. Pray for the extremists to lose influence and that God will protect His people from mass attacks.

May 16:  The recent, horrific chemical attack using Sarin nerve gas targeted the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria. It killed about 100 civilians and injured more than 200, among them many babies and children. Pray for safety and healing for the families of victims.

May 17: Hours after the initial chemical attack in Syria, the hospital where the victims were being treated was targeted, damaging part of the building. Pray for protection of those providing medical care to victims.

May 18:  Pray the powerful combination of the transformational power of God and international action will bring hope and peace to Syria.

May 19:  The Syrian people are trapped between two killing machines: the dictator regime and the extremist groups. Pray for the spirit of peace and freedom to cover the nation of Syria.

May 20:  Pray the perpetrators of sectarian violence in Syria would stop committing violent acts. Lift up to God the Syrian Christians who have fled their country in fear for their lives.

May 21:  Pray God would open the eyes and hearts of Syrian government leaders to receive the Truth of Jesus. Lord, in Your power and mercy, break every chain where religious freedom rights are abused.

May 22:  Please pray for Christians in Syria who are living their faith with the knowledge that it may cost them their life. We pray they would keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and be strengthened by Him in all they do.

May 23:  Pray extremist forces in Syria would be defeated and that peace with justice would reign in this war-torn nation. Dear Lord, bring comfort and healing to the families of the victims.

May 24:  Pray for lasting peace and religious freedom in Syria and for diverse religious and ethnic groups to be reconciled. Pray for strength and resources for churches that are ministering to the suffering in Syria.

May 25:  Ask God to comfort and strengthen Syrian Christians. Pray for protection of Christians and that the Church in Syria will be a light in the darkness to lead the lost to Christ.

May 26:  Pray the various warring factions in Syria would embrace reconciliation. Pray for peace and harmony among those who have different religious beliefs.  Lord, we pray for Your Holy Spirit to sweep over Syria.

May 27:   Dear God, we pray for the emergence of a just Syrian government that would unite the country and uphold the rights of Syrians of all faiths and ethnicities. Protect Your children under the shelter of Your wing.

May 28:  Pray for God to empower the faith of Christians in Syria so the love of God will be revealed through them. Pray for the Church in Syria to represent Christ, who is the only hope for the nation of Syria.

May 29:  Ask God to strengthen and protect Christians in Syria who are vulnerable to attacks from the Islamist jihadi group Daesh (Islamic State). Pray for the international community to provide protection for Syria's Christians against an onslaught that seeks to erase the country's diverse heritage.

May 30:  Dear God, we pray for Your protection upon Christians in areas under IS control, who are being forcibly displaced or killed. We pray for the power of Your Holy Spirit to move across Syria.

May 31:  Pray for peace in Syria, where ethnic and religious minorities face the reality of surviving in a war-torn state.The threat of violent attacks by Daesh (Islamic State) is a daily concern, especially for Christians who don’t share Daesh’s extremist ideology.